Writing as an Intuitive Process



I would describe my writing process as Sacred Alchemy. I would say creativity, in general, is Sacred Alchemy. In fact, so is receiving Guidance (from God, the Angels, our High Self, our Guides, Spirit Helpers, etc). It is allowing what you already have (i.e., life experience, or tangible materials) to be forever changed/transformed by something new you bring to it (perception, concept, combination, revelation, Guidance, etc.)

I start with an inspiration. Something that is currently pertinent to me: a revelation, (an “AHA! moment”), a new ceremony or meditation I created, a tool that was effective, an experience or observation I had, or a concept I think would help others. Then I begin writing, trying to convey these ideas or experiences clearly in the written word. As I write, information unfolds. filling out these concepts, breathing more life into them. Often surprising tangents present themselves. I pay attention to images, memories, like-threads that might reveal even greater insights when viewed together.

I get a lot of my information through visual impressions. They can be fleeting images, or mini daydream movies that play out. I also note memories that surface or passing thoughts that present themselves.(Which has also worked to spare me a few speeding tickets!) The key to tapping into your Intuition for any purpose is being receptive to information coming to you and being aware enough to recognize this information when it presents itself.  Pay attention to things you might not ordinarily view as guidance.

As an example, I just added a thought to a piece I was writing on another topic.  When I finished my notation I started to feel crummy all over but mostly neck and shoulders. It was uncomfortable enough and it occurred so suddenly that it got my attention. I thought to ask, “Is this Guidance that I am going down the wrong trail?” (No). “Is this Spirit trying to come through me?”( Yes) Then I asked, “Do you think it would be possible to make it feel AMAZING instead of awful when this happens?” I then got a hot flash! 🙂  As I reread this I realized that “hot flash” is connected to my mantra for 2013, “I allow this energy to move through me.” So what I originally just took as a (Yes), explored for it’s subtlety revealed that choosing to allow the energy of Spirit’s presence to move through me will make the experience much more comfortable.

I believe we all channel.  i think Beings from non-physical come through to nudge and inspire us all of the time in our lives. If you become conscious of this, you can engage with them and ask for assistance. Many times I have written something where I felt like I was transcribing dictation. At a later date when I read what I’ve written I am shocked by how powerful the information was that came through. Often it is “new” to me as I read it.

When I feel blocked or unclear of how to proceed I often gaze out my window. I allow my mind to be a blank slate and just wait for something to occur to me or get my attention. Symbolism, metaphors, archetypes, synchronicities, hunches, anything that pulls or draws you to it, are all the language of Intuition. Allowing patterns and associations to emerge is the Alchemy. I was trying to think of how to describe the feeling of allowing. It’s like when you slip into a warm bath to ease body aches or to enjoy a brief respite. Everything else just melts away. Resistance is forgotten as you surrender to the soothing waters. It’s like taking a peaceful sigh then waiting to see where it takes you.

If you have any questions or comments about Intuition or how to use it in your life, I’d love to hear from you. It really is the way of the future, so we might as well have some fun comparing notes and mastering it together.  Life is a joyful journey. Get Intuit!

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