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Ascension Coaching

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We are Spiritual Beings having a physical experience. Trauma trapped in our bodies will result in reruns of past traumas and challenging relationships. Transformation Sessions get to the root of your blocks, removing these trapped traumas to free you up to live the life you desire. Experience Maureen’s lightning-fast, ultra-effective techniques 

Ascension Coaching

Taking your life to the next level is all about releasing limitations, claiming your magnificence, and committing to a trajectory that will get you where you want to go. Ascension Coaching is a package of 6 Sessions custom-designed to get you where you want to go. Your day has come. Your time is now! Let’s get this party started! 

Maureen Keefe is a Gifted Intuitive Energy Tracker and Transformation & Trauma Release Specialist. Her work is grounded, expansive and high voltage. Her focus is your success!

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