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Private 1-on-1 Immersion Retreats

3 days of all of your creature comforts being met, and access to your own private psychic and transformation specialist. These Immersion experiences are meant to expose you to new ways of engaging with your life; novel opportunities to revel, relax, explore, reflect; and to reclaim whatever is needed to ignite your ability to thrive.

  • Creating Sacred Space Within and Without
  • 3-Days/3-Nights 2 meals included daily

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Private 1-on-1 Immersion Retreats
$500 per day

(3 day minimum. Includes 2 meals daily and accommodations)

Transformation Immersion:

Breakthrough or Bust! Claiming Success

Are you…
~seeking the elusive breakthrough? 

~ready for radical change?
~willing to “do whatever it takes to get there”? 
~ready to get rid of past trauma, outdated programming & belief systems that aren’t even yours, or simply not true?
~ready to rock your world in amazing ways?
Restore, renew, regenerate and breakthrough to liberate the YOU that has been held hostage by past trauma & limiting beliefs. 
It’s time to “Take Charge & Take no Prisoners!” It’s time to THRIVE!

Intuition Immersion:

Amplify your Innate Abilities & THRIVE!

We live and breathe in a Sea of Guidance. The key to thriving depends on our capacity to tune-in to our own Gifts and Abilities.
Learn to recognize and develop your own skills with Master Empath and Professional Psychic, Maureen Keefe.
Learn the language of your Clairs.
Animal Communication, Nature’s Guidance
Dreams & Symbolism, Mediumship
Galactic Communication: how you can with these Ancestors from the future.
Sacred Art: Experience Creation as a way to connect with Divine Guidance

 Self-Discovery Immersion:

Reveal and Reclaim the REAL YOU!


Are you a professional Caregiver?
r a recent empty nester?
Have you gotten divorced and don’t know who you are anymore?
Are you ready for the next chapter in your life but do not know what that means?
Are you having a hard time getting on your own team?
Are you ready to Discover who YOU really are (hiding under others’ expectations?)
Are you ready to learn about your true gifts?
Are you ready to explore and reclaim lost dreams and  breathe new life into them?

Who are these retreats for?

A woman who is…

    • a courageous chick, (…or wants to be)
    • Heart-Centered (or wants to be)
    • ready to explore new ways of engaging with her life
    • honest with herself (or willing to be)

With a desire…

    •  to go where she has not gone before
    • to explore what is possible
    • to unveil aspects of self that have been hiding or shrouded

With a willingness…

    • to “show up”, for herself, in new ways
    • to put aside all distractions for t 3 days.
    • to be the beginner, putting aside prior knowledge (you want to be able to expand your knowledge and awareness, not discount new potential because “I already know that” “I did that already”)
    • dive deep into new realms
    • to trust
    • to discover who she really is
    • to walk between the worlds (there are many dimensions of self and reality)

And is Seeking…

    • ways to make a difference, in her own life and in others’
    • to reignite passion for living
    • to reclaim her true worth, power, sense of Self, her true nature, and her Vision
    • Guidance, clarity, respite

Retreat Host:

Meet your Guiding Goddess & Transformation Specialist  Maureen Keefe

Maureen is a Gifted Intuitive with an extensive background in the psychology of human behavior. She has a laser-sharp, lightning-fast ability to identify your core issues and has an arsenal of power tools for transformation.  Breaking through blocks, fears & outmoded belief systems, and transmuting triggers, traumas and phobias is her passion and Gift. As an Energworker, Energy Tracker, a Space Clearer, she is not afraid to “go where Angels fear to tread”.

You are in the best hands on every level. She is compassionate, nurturing, inspiring and committed to your comfort, empowerment & success.

Happy Clients

Retreat Testimonial


I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to you.  My stay with you was beyond any words I can find. My experience was deeply emotional and  Highly Spiritual. I was able to work through some pretty old patterns, and clear many personal blocks.  For the first time, my energies felt open and balanced again. The inner peace I felt was unsurpassable,  The sessions were amazing ! The tools blended well for the overhaul that my psyche, spiritual, and physical being needed,  my experience proved to be a vehicle to a wonderful experience of self-discovery.  The beauty of the nature that surrounds this place is astounding,  the  trails are breathtaking ! I truly felt connected to who I am ! It was such a moving experience with a person who was willing to give so much of herself to help me. For this I am truly grateful to you !

Kind Regards.

– K.A.M., MN, USA

Retreat Testimonial

I love this Maureen, (YouTube Video, Psychic Hot Seat) I have known you long enough to remember your pain going through those experiences with the loss and the Christmas tree. I am amazed at how you can publicly share this much of yourself. I am also thrilled that you have been able to follow your true calling. With me your accuracy was 100%. While I have known you over half of my life, we lost touch for a few decades when I came to you for help, you picked up on things I had not shared with you, or anyone, and changed my life FOREVER, assisted me to get back on the right path, and I am forever grateful!

-Boondock Finds

Retreat Testimonial

I met Maureen in the early 2000s when I was still working for The Edge Newspaper. I called her up on the telephone to try and sell her some advertising for the newspaper. I remember thinking that this was a magical person and I would like to meet her.

When she invited me to an event that she was throwing in NE Minneapolis, I agreed. When I met her, I knew that she was my soul sister. A few years later, she moved to Colorado. I have visited her home in Colorado on several occasions, and I can tell you each time was transformational.

Maureen is an amazing transformational facilitator. I highly recommend her. Her place is beautiful. You will feel relaxed, renewed and transformed!

I can guarantee that a 1-on-1 immersion retreat with Maureen will be magical, mystical, and transformational.

– Della McGee Webb


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