Take a Sacred Journey with Maureen Keefe

Discover who you are
Renew your hope and dreams
Recognize your worth and claim your value
End Self-sabotage
Breakthrough blocks & obstacles holding you back
Claim your power & beauty!

Maureen Keefe

is your Awakening Activator & Higher Consciousness Catalyst for this adventure.

Her Visionary abilities will inspire you & will call you forward by igniting your Inner Awareness, enabling you to claim your power & tap into your own Guiding Light.

Maureen is a dynamic Transformation Specialist, Ascension Coach, Psychic Reader & Synergistic Guide. Her work is grounded, expansive and high voltage. Maureen’s focus is to amplify your Alignment with Love, your Divinity, self-love, success, expansion, prosperity, fulfillment & thriving.

Be prepared to finally begin experiencing the life you’ve only dared to dream about.

Rave reviews


Maureen Keefe


around the world

Maureen Keefe will  take you on a journey back to Self, quick-fire, deep soul response to your deepest desires and needs. She has many divine gifts which hold space for healing and such a profound level of understanding beyond the limited cognitive mind brain. …and helps you find answers quickly…your head will spin but in a good way, as it brings you right back to you. Self. What a gift. I have now stepped up pivotally from this session with Maureen. I highly recommend her!

Rachel Naomi Lees, Czech Republic

I had the most delicious ‘Transformation Session’ with the beautiful and extremely gifted Maureen Keefe. We also did some clearing of generational lineages .. some really deep healing of issues that had been playing out in many ways throughout my life .. I have no hesitation in recommending Maureen and her gifts to anyone looking for answers and transformation .. who are ready to embody life as a fully sovereign creator self.
Suzie Cobden, NSW Australia

Maureen is a very powerful healer and psychic so you can ask her anything and she can heal anything. I felt very safe with her which is very important if you want to go deep. I would highly recommend Maureen. A beautiful, compassionate soul. Thank you will never be enough to show you what you have done for me. Love you always ♥️
J.V., Hove, England
My dear sweet, spiritual wonder woman, syster, where do I begin. You’ve helped me through grief, extremely stressful situations, helped detangle enabling patterns, brought clarity into multiple situations. Geez, I think you’re better than most therapists!  You’ve given me love and support when I needed it. Love and abundance of blessings to you, because you deserve it my wonderful light worker syster.

Maureen is an AMAZING intuitive healer. I got so much from my session with her. I have also referred her to friends and they too have been blown away by her. I highly recommend Maureen! Absolutely loved my session with her.💖
Deirdre O’Donovan, Wick Lowe, Ireland

I’ve passed through a lot of issues. Like I’ve gone through a lot of  challenges in life, but whenever I just go through any challenge, I have to  call Maureen. There’s always something she has to tell you that would help you through whatever challenges you’re facing. Like, she has helped me a lot, both  financially/materially, both spiritually. She’s a godsend person. She has an emphatic soul. She’s awesome.
Solomon Okair,
Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Maureen is such an incredible person. She helped me through a lot of difficulties with her advice and insights. Her creativity and wisdom are always on point leaving me satisfied after every sessions. Her clearings are always miraculous, targeting the problem from its roots. I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done to me. Much Love, Blessings.
Carl Vincent Dapar, Philippines