I highly recommend Maureen !!! Without her guidance, I would still be living below the veil! Words could never describe the extent a which she has taught me to wade through the muggle programming to the other side and it’s amazing over here. I am eternally grateful to her.

Maureen’s gifts and abilities are unparalleled! She has been my spiritual teacher for more than 2 decades. Her unique abilities have seen me through many aspects of my life.  She is extremely gifted and accurate. I highly recommend her.

– K.A.M., MN, USA

Absolutely amazing! Ended up doing a healing session that was amazing! Results were astonishing.

-R.S., USA

Hi Maureen,

Ever since our session I have felt a profound shift in how I feel and respond to the world around me.  Previously, I was constantly on edge, even when relaxing.  All it would take would be the slightest drop and I would get triggered and have my stress level skyrocket.  Now it’s gone.  It’s as if I have been carrying around a 200 lb emotional gorilla that I’ve finally dropped.  Things that would set me off all day, now I have patience and don’t get triggered.  I spent 5 days and probably 10 phone hours dealing with activating my mom’s cell phone.  it didn’t bother me, it was just something I needed to get accomplished and I would take whatever time was necessary.  The dogs barking, the interruptions, all these former nuisances have been dulled dramatically. It’s like I can see myself for the first time in forever.

You are a gifted healer.  In the 10 years of spiritual classes, workshops, events, psychics, astrologers, etc., I have never had such a powerful, lasting and dramatic change for the better.  I cannot thank you enough.

Heartfelt thanks and love,
Christopher W., AZ USA

Maureen is a very powerful healer and psychic so you can ask her anything and she can heal anything. I felt very safe with her which is very important if you want to go deep. I would highly recommend Maureen. A beautiful, compassionate soul. Thank you will never be enough to show you what you have done for me. Love you always ♥️
J.V., Hove, England
My dear sweet, spiritual wonder woman, syster, where do I begin. You’ve helped me through grief, extremely stressful situations, helped detangle enabling patterns, brought clarity into multiple situations. Geez, I think you’re better than most therapists!  You’ve given me love and support when I needed it. Love and abundance of blessings to you, because you deserve it my wonderful light worker syster.

Maureen is an AMAZING intuitive healer. I got so much from my session with her. I have also referred her to friends and they too have been blown away by her. I highly recommend Maureen! Absolutely loved my session with her.💖
Deirdre O’Donovan, Wick Lowe, Ireland

I’ve passed through a lot of issues. Like I’ve gone through a lot of  challenges in life, but whenever I just go through any challenge, I have to  call Maureen. There’s always something she has to tell you that would help you through whatever challenges you’re facing. Like, she has helped me a lot, both  financially/materially, both spiritually. She’s a godsend person. She has an emphatic soul. She’s awesome.
Solomon Okair,
Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Maureen is such an incredible person. She helped me through a lot of difficulties with her advice and insights. Her creativity and wisdom are always on point leaving me satisfied after every sessions. Her clearings are always miraculous, targeting the problem from its roots. I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done to me. Much Love, Blessings.
Carl Vincent Dapar, Philippines

Freed from the Torment of Betrayal and Injustice

Last year I had  a very traumatic experience at work where several people turned against me and spread lies and rumors defaming my name and my character.  Ultimately, I ended up losing my job and sunk to one of the lowest points I have ever known in my life.

The fact that 40 employees that I had nurtured and gave my heart and soul to over the last 3 months could spread blasphemy and lies, and ultimately turn their backs on me was devastating.  I had never felt so betrayed in my whole life.  

I was angry, I was hurt and I wanted revenge. I was having nightmares about the betrayal. I would wake up in the middle of the night going over every accusation. I was also depressed and felt that I could not trust anyone ever again.  This type of betrayal was something I had never experienced before.  I wanted to sue the company for libel, slander and defamation of character as well as discrimination based on ageism and sexism. The attorney I contacted felt my case wasn’t strong enough. She urged me to forget and move on. She said that she believed me.

Maureen mentioned that we could do a clearing and I happily accepted her offer. We did the first clearing in August with the pain from this situation fresh in my memory. It definitely helped but I was still holding onto anger and resentment. I could not bring myself to let it go.

I thought things would come to light which would clear my name, but things actually got worse as allegations of financial misconduct surfaced. I couldn’t believe what was happening. Not only did I not get reimbursed for expenses I had paid out of pocket, I was now being accused of financial misconduct. This sent me into a downward spiral again. How could they? After working 7 days a week, 12 hours a day. After making lunches for my employees during the peak season, after increasing sales from the previous years, how could they do this to me? Why were people not standing up for me and correcting the rumors?

After performing the duties of three managers and only getting paid for one job, how could they accuse me of financial misconduct? After bringing in over $300,000 a month in sales, getting 5 star customer service ratings, how could they do this to me? After being touted as one of the top managers, how could they just turn their backs on me?

Maureen suggested another clearing  in my despair and I agreed again. I knew that carrying around this kind of anger would ultimately wreak havoc on my body and my psyche. It was this final clearing with Maureen that allowed me to finally let go of the past and forget about the betrayal. It was the support from Maureen over the five months of pain and struggle that finally allowed me to move forward with my life. That company and those people will no longer be allowed to wreak havoc in my life. I will not allow them that satisfaction and Maureen from Intuition Matters was key in helping me achieve this state of mind and choose consciously to move forward with my life. I am forever thankful to Maureen as who knows what carrying around that anger would have manifested as in my body. 

I completed an aura reading yesterday and was told that my aura is bright golden yellow and I radiate sunshine. I feel like I am back to my old self and I am certain that I had negative, dark energy surrounding my aura last year. Thank you Maureen for making me radiate love again!


OMG This may have been the most important reading I’ve ever had. I cannot even fully process what happened during my reading and the healing I received. Thank you


Great reader. Very insightful and has such good, positive energy. I look forward to reading with her again sometime soon.

Casey, USA

Very insightful. I will have her on speed dial. Thank you!

Vera, USA

Wonderful reading. Very accurate, kind and compassionate.


Maureen is the best. I am spiritual and seeking guidance and advice. Maureen’s intuition is spot on and I really enjoy her readings. Thanks Maureen!!!!!


Maureen tuned in very fast and she was extremely accurate!


Maureen was AMAZING!!! She knows her stuff. She is direct but also very compassionate. The things she told me about my Ex, I knew most of it, but I just wanted to see what she felt and they were all spot on!! She is absolutely amazing and I will be back to see her very soon!


My reading was so uplifting and positive. Maureen tuned in and guided me through my unanswered questions. I pray all the things she said are true and come true. My connection with my poi feels so strong it must be true. Thank you Maureen 


Wow Wow Wow! Unbelievable! Thank you very much 🙂


Helped me out a lot! Thank you so much!

Collin, USA

She changed my whole life in 5 mins. I am eternally grateful for this. I am transforming myself into a new person. Attached to nothing, and eternally happy. Thanks so much for this.


Released one of my biggest, limiting beliefs during this session. So grateful for this and for your help dear Maureen. Talk to you soon.


Maureen is an amazing reader and her style is untouchable. She prayed with me and gave me advice that no one else has ever done. I am in such a bad situation with my guy, so I have no idea how this will pan out. Only time will tell but I will definitely use her again and I highly recommend her.


I just love talking to Maureen. Always accurate and a true advisor for a lifetime. She is the advisor I fully believe in. Thank you so much for all the guidance. You are a godsent advisor for me.


Fantastic! Thanks! The transformation! To feel the knife in my heart removed…this has been 37+ yrs in the making. Of all the 100’s of courses, $100,000’s, none have guided me to that, nor what to do about it. I will be back for your clear guidance to get things on track. Thanks kindly.


Maureen gave super detailed insight and was very clear. Great reading!

Jenny, USA

Absolutely amazing. Found out so much more about myself and what I can do. Definitely going to read the books and continue down my path. Thank you so much.


Great reading. When I got off the phone, I thought it was a bad reading, and she was not connected; only afterward did I realize how right she was and what she said was verified.

Love her!! Great insight!


Maureen was very, very nice. She made me feel comfortable. I do have to say the things that she told me, I kind of already felt but it just made it completely true. What’s going on in my life and there were a lot of things that I did not tell her that she was foreseeing when she was doing my reading. It really scared me but it made me feel a little better. I appreciate it. Thank you and I will be calling you again.



Thank you ! It’s been a long time since I have had this kind of connection with an advisor! Maureen was spot on. She walked me through my problem like it was scripted. Her predictions were on point 100% it was crazy ! She was able to read the people/energies involved and read them perfectly. I know everyone’s different and it’s hard to find a true Advisor but if you are seeking the truth, not what you want to hear but the truth, look no further than Maureen! I hope she is able to do for you what she did for me! 



It was so incredible to meet you. I love an experience of being led to someone and clearly being able to see divine intervention. Thank you for sharing these resources. I AM an empath. You have truly opened my eyes and given me answers to what I have been seeking for years now. I feel so good to have a culmination of this particular leg of the journey. Thank you! You guided me down a particular mountain pass and I saw THE most beautiful space I’ve ever been in the world at eagles nest wilderness on that road. I needed that! I needed hope and I needed to see beauty and an awakening and I did it with my children which was my hope and desire. I heard happiness and love in their voices again and that makes me beyond my dreams. I owe you the credit for sharing your intuition with me.



Speaking with Maureen always brings me ease. She is kind and empathetic. Her method of reading is very simple and she will ask more questions as well as allow you to ask. I love speaking with her. My reading is more of the long run type so I’m waiting to see if it’ll be true but I do believe her. She is wonderful

Stars, USA


I had a great conversation with Maureen. She is understanding, Patient, Friendly, Professional. She really explains everything in great detail, not only that but she listens to what you have to say. If i could rate 10 stars i would, she helped me clear all this Negative Energy and quite the talented psychic right here. Call her you will not regret it! Thanks Again!



The reading was absolutely breathtaking. I have never had someone so accurate, so detailed, educated read me and my significant other. I didn’t even have any more questions for her. She was that amazing. She read us like a book! Please, do not hesitate if you want specifics, details, and accuracy, I am telling you, consider her. You will not be in the least bit disappointed. I am still speechless. She was just so amazing. Looking forward to reviewing our notes as well! I will take all advice! Thank you so much!

Jen, USA


This is to let people know that Maureen Keefe, Intuition Matters shamanic Transformation Sessions are phenomenal!

She led me through a massive shift in family dynamics. This in and of itself was awesome and some “wounded child” energy/programs came up and were dealt with. Little did I imagine the session with Maureen would prepare me to recognize an energy attack. My Eastern European background calls this a “curse”. Through her abilities she validated information I believed, added information (that was proven factual at a later time) and empowered ME to deflect and “invalidate” the energy I did NOT want to receive.

I am grateful and awe inspired by Maureen’s masterful use of modalities and energies, psychic abilities and fearlessness.

She is the real deal!

Diane Rogers
Rancho Murieta, CA
Maureen Keefe, you are really an incredible friend and support system.  You have inspirational healing gifts.  You have helped me move through so many money/personal blocks in the past few weeks.  I highly recommend you work with Maureen if you want to bust through old programs fast!

– Della McGee, Mora, MN USA

Maureen is an AMAZING intuitive healer. I got so much from my session with her. I have also referred her to friends and they too have been blown away by her. I highly recommend Maureen! Absolutely loved my session with her.💖

– Deirdre O’Donovan, Wick Lowe, Ireland

I had my first reading with Maureen a few days ago and what an incredible experience.
Over the years I have had many readings with intuitives, psychics, mediums and although they were helpful, nothing compares to my experience with Maureen.
Her generosity, loving presence, passion and insight moved me to tears. 
I was feeling lost and confused and she created a safe space where I felt seen and heard.  
With her loving guidance  , and in only our  first session , I was able to release and clear old wounds, patterns and trauma that had been holding me back for years. 
She gave me insight / clarity into many areas of my life .  
I feel like a burden was lifted off me and  I have a renewed sense of confidence in myself. 
I feel truly blessed to have found her .
Her work is life changing.

– Tina Mulryan, NY, NY, USA

If you have something fearful going on with your body (or even in your life for that matter), reach out to Maureen!!
I have had some strange “things” going on in my body for a few weeks.  Today It REALLY got my attention.  That “something is not right” feeling/intuition.  So, I messaged Maureen & then had a session.
WOW!  I noticed things “moving” in my body right away.  The “work” she did and the advice given was right on!  
I am noticing relief and the fear is leaving!   I can tell that my body is on its way to OK!  I am so grateful for Maureen!
Do yourself a big Favor and schedule an appointment with Maureen Keefe!  You will be SO GLAD you did.

-KT, Michigan USA

Entity Clearing - Twin Flame Harmony Restoration

Thank U thank U for the amazing night of healing and knowledge you gave me!! D., L., my incredible dad…. U have been SUCH a huge gift in my life!! And tonight was SO important because I was slipping…I will read the emails with the exercises that you sent me a few nights ago and put them to use nightly, and/or daily. I have to go back and look at them. I know they are important and want to use them going forward. Let me just say in closing tonight. Everyone that gets to know me eventually just calls me a bonafide Badass! But I can finally say I have met in you the greatest Badass ever, bar none!! Thanks again for all you have done and are doing for me. All the love, light, healing I can send I give to you now and always. Talk tomorrow!

– J.C., MA USA

Transformation Session (Trapped Trauma Release)

I had my first reading with Maureen a few days ago and what an incredible experience.
Over the years I have had many readings with intuitives, psychics, mediums and although they were helpful, nothing compares to my experience with Maureen.
Her generosity, loving presence, passion, and insight moved me to tears. 
I was feeling lost and confused and she created a safe space where I felt seen and heard.  
With her loving guidance, and in only our first session, I was able to release and clear old wounds, patterns, and trauma that had been holding me back for years. 
She gave me insight/clarity into many areas of my life.  
I feel like a burden was lifted off me and  I have a renewed sense of confidence in myself. 
I feel truly blessed to have found her. Her work is life-changing.  

-Tina Mulryan, NY, USA


Maureen is an amazing transformational facilitator.  I highly recommend her.  Her place is beautiful.  You will feel relaxed, renewed, and transformed!

-Della McGee Webb, InnerPeaceMovementStudio.com

Transformation Session - Trauma Clearing

I had a very powerful healing session with Maureen where we did some deep clearings and she was able to pinpoint back to my early childhood where the trauma began and played out in my life going forward. Attracting the same experiences into my life. It was very profound and felt so good to clear it and let it all go and be healed 

Maureen is a very powerful healer and psychic so you can ask her anything and she can heal anything. I felt very safe with her which is very important if you want to go deep. I would highly recommend Maureen. A beautiful, compassionate soul.

– Jacqueline Venter, Hove UK


I have had the privilege of learning and healing with Maureen’s 1-on-1 Retreat several times. I was in need of stress-relief and nature due to a high-pressure job, and having an anxiety disorder that can cause panic attacks at the worst times. We focused on being present with ourselves, our important-others around us, and each other to learn how to not just enjoy the moment, but also how to move through the moment to avoid the stress-processing that was learned in the past. We broke the stress pattern and I learned how to be present to bolster the relationships that are important to me and my well-being. Letting the work-world go and embracing the relationship with nature, the calmness of the views from her retreat, the clean food, and Maureen’s insights, led to long-term change and a general life-cleansing. 

-Jill L. from CA, USA

Transformation Session – Lineage Clearing

I had the most delicious ‘Transformation Session’ with the beautiful and extremely gifted Maureen Keefe ..

who uncovered lifetimes of my shame, guilt and bondage around being a woman …

all the way back to Eve and the garden of Eden ..

What was revealed was that my starseed self came into this life to liberate all women from the shame around the tree of knowledge, the forbidden fruit and the serpent .. which of course caused the exiling of humanity from the garden, from grace and our birth right.

The release through a powerful session that Maureen facilitated, allowed me, on behalf of all women, to now stand in our full power, in grace, full of vitality and radiance .. in our divine feminine and the energy of play ..

to open to the new .. 

new thought .. 

new ideas .. 

a new way of being ..

to birth the new human and a life of true freedom .. 

of deliciousness in every sense of the word ..

We also did some clearing of generational lineages .. 

some really deep healing of issues that had been playing out in many ways throughout my life ..

As an old soul I’ve actually lived millions of lives .. 

thousands of these on earth ..

With this life’s sacred mission now being complete .. 

I get to bust open all limitations and lead women home to their truth .. 

to their sovereignty and liberation ..

to be the embodied example of love and light and life ..

I have no hesitation in recommending Maureen and her gifts to anyone looking for answers and transformation .. who are ready to embody life as a fully sovereign creator self.

—– Suzie Cobden, NSW Australia

(Maureen: I flew a longtime friend out to help me with my business. Her back went out shortly after arriving. Little did she know that this crisis was going to forever change her world. Read on for her story of her experience.)

I Found Gold in Colorado!

(Betsy Bohn Blog Post)

Welcome to all!!

     I want to share my week with you! I have learned so much regarding being an empath; my permanent disability in my back no longer looks permanent, and did some work on old family problems.  How does all this fit together? Read on!

    First, some history on my back. I was in a few wrecks. One was really bad and all messed up my back. Years after my last wreck, my back just went out from lifting and twisting at work. Stuck in bed for a little over a year, doctors were waiting for it to get worse to do surgery. Make any sense? I was told it was unsafe for me to live alone given the frailness of my condition. I was given all kinds of meds that I didn’t want to take, and tools to use to put on shoes and socks so I would not need to bend forward, etc. I did make a LOT of progress with the Mckenzie method though, and I strongly suggest if you have lower back issues to give that a shot. With the MRI I was told never to lean forward again. No tying shoes, no lifting things up off the floor unless I squat to pick them up, and no forward stretching exercises. Life was waiting for this ominous dark cloud to consume me, and it was getting harder to look for a silver lining, let alone have a prayer of ever seeing it.

     To top off the physical pain in the past, I am an empath, and the pain I picked up from other people in the doctors office and while waiting for prescriptions was just devastating. I focused hard on protecting myself from taking on other people’s pain. Oddly enough this assisted my downward spiral.

     I had an invitation to visit a YOUNG friend (who is my same age) in Colorado. I spent about a week stocking up my brick and mortar shops with my vintage treasures and shipping items from my online shops before heading out. So yes, I was lifting and doing things I was not supposed to do, but I was having good days. While I was deemed disabled by the doctors, I was turned down for disability from the government. I have to survive, pain or no pain, right?

     The day came. I had to pack, sit in the car for a few hours to the airport, sit on the plane for a few hours, then sit in the car again for a few hours. Not good for my back!  I felt a sting when I bent over to pull the “personal item” that I call “a small carry-on” out from under the seat in front of me. There was no room to squat, I had to bend in a small area. I felt a strong tug on my back.

     So, happy to arrive in Colorado, see my friend, Maureen Keefe, and find out what the changes would be that I felt coming! Her property has wonderful! Mountain views, wild turkeys come right up to the door; raptors & big game in all of the views! Her home is beautiful and her personality and spirit have grown, along with the qualities I have always admired in her. Funny how friendships don’t really seem to change with time, we just picked up right where we left off, from my view.

     Of  course my back went out and I was stuck in the bed shortly after. A few days in, she suggested I try this chiropractor she knew, “Dr. Dean”. He told me that it was not my disc at all, just muscles and super tight tendons from guarding my back. Most important was he said I DO need to be stretching and bending forward. I could heal myself. I was instructed to do certain stretches about 10+ minutes a day, not all at once. Do I dare believe this? Opposite of my Chiro and 3 surgeons’ opinions? I opted to entertain the idea. I came here to be open for change right? Was this it? Was there more?

    So this first week while I was in bed other things were happening. I had some energy work done by two people who said my root Chakra was weak, blocked, faint….whatever right? I don’t know much about Chakras but when I found it was connected to old family stuff that I had not yet processed and needed to let go of, it made sense. I was in bed with back pain, so may as well do some of that. It was painful, but there was a release at the end. Maureen Keefe helped me work through it and all the physical distractions that came with it, including back spasms and bloody noses.

     I also learned that by closing energy off to keep myself from pain (because I am an empath) I was blocking out ALL energy. Along with the bad I shut the door to the GOOD, so from here forward I am determined to take on all the good, all the bad, and then dump the bad. I can give it back to it’s owner or send it to the Earth to dissipate.

     Breathing in, focusing on green light going to my sore spot was also suggested to me, what did I have to lose right? I added this to my regime.

    Maureen Keefe also suggested some adrenal support supplements to help with my cortisol, which had been depleted due to all the stress I carried for so long, and she suggested that I use affirmations with each step of my daily skincare. One was, “I am reclaiming the flexibility in my back”.

     To learn more about Maureen Keefe and her great healing practices, check out her page! Intuition Matters

    After 7 days of using these practices and getting all this other help, I woke up with NO PAIN. My first thought was what people told me in the past “Your pain was all in your head” but hey, the Chiropractor saw me and felt how tight I was. How could it have gone from being so intense to totally gone overnight? (My pain is gone, there is still some tightness). I haven’t been able to get on my own socks in well over a year, and can do it now, with a struggle, but I can do it!

-Betsy Bohn,

(Maureen: 2 years later Betsy has become a KY Agate Hunter, wading in rock strewn creek beds and hauling 50# boulders to her vehicle. This is the woman who was told to no longer live alone because if she fell she would not be able to get up again. My friend’s entire world changed in less than a week! Releasing trapped trauma, reclaiming her power, getting Energywork healing treatments and state-of-the-art chiropractic care (and actually doing the prescribed exercises!), miraculously changed her world. Her physical crisis was her Soul ensuring she would listen and get the support she needed to transform.)


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