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photo credit unknown

I spent the majority of my life thinking I found the keys to how the world works. Consequently I took it upon myself to spare others unnecessary struggle by sharing these revelations. Defense mechanisms and psychological processes; addictions and co-dependent relationship dynamics; the mind body connection/positive affirmations for healing; metaphysics; herbal, naturopathic and holistic medicine; allopathic medicine racketeering; world and mind control conspiracy theories and our contributions as “sheeple”; energywork and vibrational medicine; spirituality; paranormal activity and what to do about it; channeling, intuition and psychic abilities; Higher Consciousness  and Ascension are just some of the trails I have dragged people down (sometimes kicking and screaming).

What I know now is that these Truths are MY Truths. What is also true is that, as I change and grow, and as we, with this planet, evolve, grow and Ascend, these truths change too. All paths lead Home. (As Michael Fronti sings, “God is just too big for one religion.”) What is True for you, if it is working for you, is the right path for you. If what I share resonates with you, it is your Truth too. If not, my Truth does not make you wrong; and your Truth does not make me wrong. Honestly, I am still working on integrating that truth. Judgement of self and/or others, is self-defeating, destructive, divisive and debilitating.

Our beliefs and perceptions mold and shape our experiences. They are prime movers behind our creating our reality. At my darkest hour Zach Rehder offered me words that changed my life, “What if none of what you think this means, is True?” and “What if nothing you think about yourself is True?”.  I encourage you all to try those questions on when you are depressed, upset, frustrated, angry, in crisis, or when judging yourself for what you have done or not accomplished. What if everything you thought was wrong about yourself or another just was not true?

We are all expressing, exploring and expanding different facets of the Whole. Thank you all for doing your part and for joyfully getting INTUIT!

Image Credit NewEarthCentral.com

Image Credit NewEarthCentral.com

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