Stop the Madness! Harvesting the Power of Trapped Trauma through Integration


In these highly catalyzed, transformational times, many people feel caught in a spin cycle, recirculating old baggage. For people raised in hostile, unstable, unsafe environments, today’s turbulence, (upheaval, uncertainty and chaos) can activate a stress-triggered brain pattern called an “overactive cingulate.” Depression and anxiety are both symptoms of this.

While in this state, your mind will lock-in on what’s wrong (and everything will be wrong), and you will likely be emotionally stirred-up, feeling like you are in a tailspin, or completely overwhelmed with a sense that there is no way out and no end in sight. It is a perpetual flight-or-fight condition. To address your shadows and emotions that are rising up to be dealt with, you first have to break the loop of this circuit, halting the resulting chemical cascade.

Two simple exercises can bring immediate relief and ongoing support if you continue to use them:

1. Activate your Vagus Nerve — To activate the vagus nerve, hold your breath and pump your stomach/diaphragm as though you were coughing inside. It will derail looping thoughts, shift one out of depression and anxiety, and it engenders a sense of connection with others. The benefits of activating the vagus nerve are numerous and astounding (it even enhances intuition). For more information, click here.

2. Engage Transformative Posturing — To engage transformative posturing, raise your arms over your head in the celebratory posture of “I did it!” Hold this stance for two minutes or more. You will feel a noticeable improvement in your mood. Do this a number of times a day to reclaim confidence, greater stability and a positive outlook.

Integrate Wisdom Gained
As we reveal, deal with and heal our wounds, integrating the wisdom gained is a critical step. It is a powerful act to claim all facets and aspects of your life. Denying painful events deprives you of accessing the transformational voltage they possess, suppresses your life force, and limits the realms of options and information available to you. When you integrate your life experiences you engage Full Spectrum Living, the true essence of a fifth-dimensional ascended life.

After decades of researching the keys to my own personal liberation, I evolved this process. This has been profoundly facilitative in assisting me in getting off the hamster wheel of recycling childhood programming and traumatic events.

• Acknowledge the depth and magnitude of the trauma experienced at the time of the event. For many of us, survival depended on negating our own needs and denying our pain just to cope. This acknowledgment is the missing piece.

• Witness your feelings as a Sacred Neutral Observer. You are not reliving the experiences, you are paying attention to them, exploring them for information. Keep your heart open and consciously breathe through the entire experience:

1. As you give your attention to a traumatic event or intense emotion, scan your body to reveal where it resides in your physiology. (Examples might be a tight chest, or a fist in your gut.)

2. Now you want to really hone in on the sensations. How big is it? How old is it? If it had a color what would it be? Does it have a scent, a taste or texture? What does it say to you over and over and over? How is it affecting your life today?

3. If emotions arise, explore them the same way as above. Feel them as sensations, reduce them to messages and information.

4. Observe these sensations with loving detachment until your perception of them dissipates.

Establish & Develop Stability
Finally, you want to ground securely into the fifth dimension, shore up your aura and energetic field, and call in your Soul Self more fully each day, releasing residues of what no longer serves. For this I recommend Meg Benedicte’s guided meditation, “Heal, Clear, Break Free.” It is a hands down, stand alone daily practice, but teamed up with the steps outlined above, it will put you on the most accelerated path to wholeness and Ascension available. Watch a short video on how the technique works here: Newearthcentral.com/quantum-access/ — and here is the store page link to order the meditation download: Newearthcentral.com/product/heal-clear-break-free-meditation/

(Published in The Edge Magazine May 2019)

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