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When you are ready to take your life to the next level.

“Go to the Mountain”, literally. Your accommodations sit on two acres of river bluff majesty overlooking a Sacred Valley at the foot of Green Mountain South of Kremmling, CO

One-on-One, personalized coaching retreats, rife with energetic activations, insights, information & tools to change your world.

Unplug from the Matrix, learn to recognize and shed outmoded programming, claim your magnificence and embody the Powerful God/dess that          YOU ARE.

Day 1 – YOU have Arrived!  You will contact whomever it is necessary to notify that you have arrived safely. Then you will relinquish your phone. There will be no social media, texting or internet engagement. This is a transformational retreat, not a distraction from your 3d-ality. (If necessary, an agreed amount of phone time can be scheduled, should you require. Ideally though, your time here is YOUR TIME; a Sacred opportunity to focus only on you.)

You will spend Day 1 decompressing and unplugging from the speed and chaos of your daily life-style. You will identify what pulls on you; what demands your time, and attention and scatters or drains your energy. We will perform a clearing and releasing ceremony to free you energetically from the bonds these patterns, programing, compulsions, addictions and sabotage have had on you. This will be a powerful reset at the deepest core of Self

Throughout the retreat we will continue to identify your resistance patterns and undermining beliefs, thoughts and verbal expression.

You will discover what you use to check-out. You will learn powerful methods for checking-in. Be ready for your life to change in remarkable ways when you learn what it truly means to get on your own team.

 You will have the option of one of the following included in your retreat experience. (You may choose to experience more than one at an additional charge.)

*Energywork  *Intuitive Reading *Sacred Journey Hike *Ionic Detox Footbath

$500.00 per day Includes meals and super comfy accommodations