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I finally made the time to sit down and connect with my Guidance.  I was asking about bringing money into my physical reality. Here was how they responded:

G:  In order to allow this experience into your reality you need to trust; believe; feel; engage in your life, as a multimillionaire.

Me: Whose bright idea was that?  (I’m a little irreverent… They roll their eyes a lot but I think they kinda get a kick out of it.)

G:  It’s called vibrational alignment. Thoughts, beliefs, expectations, attitudes, feelings, emotions, are all vibrational frequencies.

Me: Have I cleared all worthiness baggage now?

G:  Yes. the only misalignment you are engaging in now is not “walking in the vibration of being it/ having it”. It is a feeling of empowerment. There is a solidness to it; a knowingness and a clarity that is not swayed by others’ (or your own) doubts, projections or ridicule. Just practice it as you go about your day. Posit, ” I am a multimillionaire and nobody else knows it. How would I engage with my life right now?” Then consciously anchor that into your physical reality with each choice you make. If you invested 1/100th of the energy you invest in allowing yourself be be stressed about money, or asking “What if I’m wrong?”, or in being irritated, annoyed, insulted, bothered or in judgement about anything, you would be figuring out how to manage vast wealth instead of how to micromanage your debt. This is not about going out and buying things with money you don’t have.  Instead invest your energy in discerning if you would spend your money/time, etc. in such ways if you had unlimited resources.


I have to say, that was by far and above the best explanation of how to align with the vibration of having abundant financial resources i have ever heard!  I think stepping through yesterdays astrological Lion’s Gate has aligned me with Higher Frequencies. The experience today was slightly different from past experiences with my Guidance. They felt more a part of me/less separate than before.  These are Truly exciting times!

Try engaging with your Guides or Angels. It is easier than ever now. Just sit somewhere comfortable with limited distractions. Take a few deep breaths and focus on your Heart Center to quiet your mind. (Raquel Spencer recently stated in an interview, “Your Heart is the gateway/portal/connection to your Higher Self and to Source Energy”). Set the intention that you are connecting only with your Highest Guides available to you. Have pen and paper or computer handy. Write down a question. Then write down the first thing that comes to mind as the answer. When you get in the rhythm of it, the information will flow more easily. The key is to not second guess whether you are making it up. Just let loose and allow the information to flow. Go back and read it later and you may be as pleasantly surprised as I was to receive such wise counsel! Life is a joyful journey, and it’s YOURS…Get Intuit!

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