Intuitive Services for Parties and Gatherings

Mini Intuitive Readings 10-15 minutes each $100.00 per hour.
Guest will ask questions, and Divination tools will provide insight regarding the direction of Intuitive Guidance to bring forth. Nancy Blair`s “Goddess Amulets”, Doreen Virtue`s “Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards” are Divination Tools that can be used in an Intuitive Reading.

Maureen has been actively engaging with her Intuition since she was a child. She is a gifted Dream Interpreter and Symbolism Alchemist. In a brief conversation, she possesses a laser sharp ability to reveal the core issues that would benefit a person to address in their life and she has a multitude of tools in her “bag of tricks” to offer in support of their transformation.

Intention Circle $100.00 for an hour
~Setting the Stage to Actualize the Life you Desire to Experience
Maureen is a Gifted ceremonialist, creating powerful and expansive ceremonies to celebrate Rites of Passage; partnership; creating alliance, bonding and focus and to amplify intentions. In an Intention Circle Maureen will facilitate a group ceremony to clarify and activate the intentions for experiences one desires to set in motion in their lives. Guests will sit in a circle around Sacred Ceremonial items such as candles, stones, feathers, amulets/charms, statues, etc., and a glass of wine or juice, used to initiate the ceremony. Guests will be guided through a symbolic activity in alignment with the theme of the Circle.

The Intention Circle will be custom tailored to the group in terms of belief systems or chosen theme. Guests can bring their own items to charge with the energy of the ceremony. The Circle can be based in Native American Traditions, Goddess Archetypes, Wiccan Moon Ceremonies, or non-spiritual, goal oriented envisioning. These Circles are Heart centered and expansive. The group energy will amplify the manifestation of the intentions shared.