Morphing – What a Long Strange Trip It`s Been



So, where to begin? My blogging absence was not out of lack of commitment or desire. Instead I had no frame of reference to put my experiences into words. I have had epiphany after epiphany and have often experienced paradigm shifts as a daily event. This last year, in particular, has been an exploration of Self and my World through radically different eyes and means.

My path has been Ascension. We are all Ascending, some more Gracefully than others. I have to say I have not been one of those navigating this shift gracefully. Gracefully, with a capital `G`, yes. The sheer fact that we are surviving these times at all is evidence of God/dess`s Grace in our lives. I have been stumbling around in the dark, bashing into what I have been resisting, and tripping over what I don`t understand or have been unwilling to see or acknowledge for some time. There has been much frustrated swearing, raging, and tears.

Our only job in this lifetime is to bring down the barriers of the fortresses of protection we have built to protect ourselves. There is nothing to protect ourselves from and only magnificence and joyful potential to which to open ourselves to receive and experience. Lofty words, yes. But this is the distilled Truth of what I have discovered personally.

I am choosing to share what I am learning, embracing, remembering, opening to and gleaning awarenesses of. If you want to know more, please ASK. I will freely share my perceptions. If you would like assistance to embark on an intensely rewarding, distilled journey of discovery and remembering of your own, I am available to participate as your own private Ascension Coach. I am also available to do this in a group venue.

Thank you for contributing to my Journey. Your presence on this precious Planet impacts me and everyone and everything on it. Many Blessings and Love to US all!


{I will be posting more on my Services in the near future. Look for a `Services` tab to magically appear on this site!}

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