Morphic Fields


All thoughts ever thought and all words ever spoken still exist. All potential already exists as well. We are able to tap into this information which is called the collective consciousness. Until we become aware of this and begin making Conscious choices, the collective consciousness runs us and dictates our life experiences. Its as though we have computer programs running in the background, influencing our perceptions, beliefs, thoughts and choices.

There is also a phenomenon that results as a function of The Law of Attraction. Have you ever been in fear about something and experienced your thoughts and feelings amplify radically out of proportion to situation? As like-attracts-like, similar thoughts and feelings group together and amplify in power. These are called morphic fields. A morphic field is, in essence, collective consciousness grouped by subject.

So as an example, let`s say you are afraid of not having enough money to pay your bills. Like a runaway freight train you find yourself triggered with anxiety, verging abject terror as images of bankruptcy, losing your home, being homeless, etc play out in your mind`s eye. You have tapped into the morphic field of `fear of not having enough money`. Your fears are being amplified by everyone else`s fears relative to this topic.

Ascension is about taking charge of your own mind, getting savvy about your own energy and how to manage it , and then using this information to create the life you choose to experience. A simple but powerful tool to take charge of your life is to recognize these fears may not even be yours. Then consciously choose to disconnect from the morphic field of that fear.

You can do this using simple decording techniques. If you want to contribute to liberating the planet of this form of `mind control`, you can take it to the next level of empowerment and proactivity.

Contribute to dissolving these misery binding morphic fields by Consciously filling them with Light. Do this in ways that are fun and playful. As soon as you discover you are connected to a morphic field you do not want to be influenced by (remember there are positive morphic fields too), Get grounded and connect to Source. Combine the energies of Source and the Heart of Mother Earth at your own Heart Center. From this place send the brightest, Highest frequencies of Light into the morphic field using the same cord/connection that is hooking you energetically. Flow this Light until all connections cease to exist. See the morphic seal with all of that Light inside of it. This action will put in motion the dissolution of the power and infuence these fields affect.

If you are not feeling your connection to Source or Mother Earth because you are so shrouded by morphic field influece, a fun way to break out of this is to send Light Bombs into the morphic fields that are keeping you bound!

The more playful we can be about claiming our empowerment, the more effective it will be. Battle begets more battle. Affecting joyful outcomes begets more joyful outcomes!

Life really is supposed to be a JOYFUL Journey. Play in the morphic fields of POSSIBILITY and Get INTUIT!

If you have any questions or need assistance please contact me at IntuitionMatters@juno.com.

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