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In my current Earth life experience I, as I know many of you have as well, have experienced enough angst, turmoil, struggle, anger, depression and overwhelm to last a number of lifetimes. Around 12/21/12, with pure conviction, I set the intention that I was going to live my life in joy. Despite my vision and commitment, the last 3 years have not been joyful. It has honestly felt like groping around in the dark, trying to find my way, crawling over broken glass, then once I saw my destination in sight, I had to walk a tightrope of razorblades to get there. In other words, NO FUN.

Here`s the deal. When you say “Yes!” to the Universe, all of your, “No!”`s come up. Especially when making MAJOR paradigm shifts! The greater the potential for change, the louder our No`s are. Our No`s are our fear-based programming. They are intended to keep the status quo (keep things the same in our lives in order to keep us “safe”).  I, with tremendous passion and drive, went the excavation route, seeking to reveal all of my No`s, so I could clear them. I would ask, “Where am I out of alignment?” And, “What is the limiting program that is running?” Ahem…”What we focus on we get more of.”…Hello?!

Today`s Ascension trend is to, Claim you are in 5d and look for evidence of it. Sincerely, this, is, in-alignment! Focus on having what you desire to experience, and look for all of the ways it shows up in your life, no mater how small. A key to amplify your success is to move forward in your life from a Heart Centered place. This means dropping your mind into your Heart and feeling the expansion. For example, when you see life through the lens of appreciation, you will feel your Heart Center open.  Do this, then act on your intentions. (This is one form of “going within” that is also being hilighted as critical regarding facilitating Ascension.)

Truly, transformation is about Consciously taking charge of one`s mind.  Become aware of what is running through your head and simply reframe any thoughts that are not in alignment with your goals. Any investment in thoughts of what you do not want to experience are wasting your energy, and are slowing the manifestation of what you would like to enjoy. Use that as a frame of reference, not a yardstick to beat yourself with when you catch yourself engaged in worry or fear based projections. Like a child learning to walk, be loving, encouraging and celebratory as you take this on.

To actively engage with manifesting a specific desired outcome, envision having/being/doing what it is you desire. Since I get so cerebral I discovered it is more effective to identify the essence of what I desire instead of specific forms (for example money = security, freedom, fun, etc.). Then my envisioning becomes allowing whatever imagery, colors, sensations,etc., that present, to flow on the `screen`of consciousness behind my closed eyes, as I tap into this. You use all of your senses and amplify the positive feelings you would have experiencing what you desire. Do this whenever and as often as possible. Getting into a feel good place opens your flow of good into your life as you are energetically aligning with this frequency.

Feeling positive feelings may seem like an insurmountable endeavor for you. It was for me. No matter what I did to shift internally, I was emotionally burdened, seemingly always at risk of being dragged under by the weight of it. I recently discovered a simple breath exercise (Vagas Nerve Activation) that shifted my physiology so dramatically, I felt like hundreds of pounds of heaviness was lifted from me. This was a physiological shift that resulted in emotional liberation. (NOTE: This is a “backwards” approach regarding mind over matter. No matter what mental calisthenics  I did, I could not experience an emotional shift until I activated my Vagas Nerve) Physiologically I was operating from a natural state of high alert to protect me from any impending threat or disaster, fabricated or otherwise. And,this was only one of many mechanisms (associated with a disengaged Vagas Nerve), challenging my being able to feel good inside. (Anyone that has “tried everything and nothing seems to change”, may reap huge benefits from using this breath exercise.)

May you feel hope well up within you. May you experience success in all efforts that would bring you joy, fulfillment, and excitement. It is my wish that you discover firsthand, that         Life really IS a JOYFUL journey…Get Intuit!


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