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Using Intuition to streamline and enhance your life experience is called, “Living Life Intuitively”. To do so we need to clear out the old to make way for the new. Each of us are the byproduct of mental, emotional, spiritual and physical programming. As we evolve through life experience we discover that old programs are running our current realities. I believe the main purpose of our Intuition is to guide our journeys of evolution. Emotions are one of the languages Intuition speaks. Heavy emotions are telling us we are out of alignment with our Higher Self’s Awareness. Exploring emotional reactivity can reveal the root origins of our self-limiting programs, but gratefully we no longer need to wallow in the mire of our pasts. You can facilitate your own expansion by clearing these denser emotions using some simple exercises.

Tonglen is the first meditation I was taught (Thank you Dorothy!) Tonglen is Tibetan for ‘giving and taking’ (or sending and receiving), and refers to a meditation practice found in Tibetan Buddhism (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tonglen). Tonglen is used to transmute the pain and suffering of the world. But you can use it to clear your own pain and suffering.  Simply breathe in the painful feelings, thoughts or emotions and breathe out compassion, spaciousness and relief. For empaths (those who feel other people’s energy, feelings, emotions, physical sensations, pain, etc.) this can be overwhelming. A friend shared a wonderful variation on this (Thank you Joanna!) A man named Chi Sing taught her to invite the Amitabha Buddha (The Buddha of Infinite Light) into her heart. Then to breathe the pain into the Buddha to transform it, sending out compassion on the out breath. I have used this to shift anxiety, heartache, fear, anger, shame, etc.  The beautiful part is you can do it anywhere, anytime! It is quick, it’s easy and it’s incredibly effective and comforting. (It is so much more user friendly having a Diety handle the tough stuff! When Joanna told me about this Buddha I got an image of a bright gold Buddha emanating brilliant gold light. I inadvertently nicknamed him “The Golden Buddha”. We’re  Budds now. I just love him and I think he likes having a nickname!)

Transform Self-Limiting Thought Forms and Beliefs using The Aethos Sound Meditation  Tom Kenyon (TomKenyon.com) brings through powerful messages from the Hathors (a group of interdimensional, intergalactic beings who were connected ancient Egypt through the Temples of the Goddess Hathor, as well as several other pre-history cultures) He offers many powerful healing meditations for free on his website. My favorite is The Aethos Sound Meditation. To access it go to TomKenyon.com. Click on “Listening”, found on the left side list of options. Agree to the terms of the listening agreement. Scroll down to Aethos Sound Meditation until you find where you can download the recordings. Download both of them. Feel free to read all of the information that accompanies it (it is A LOT, and it is pretty high level stuff) but to get directly to the Transformation of Self-Limiting Thought Forms and Beliefs using The Aethos Sound Meditation, go to this link from his website: http://tomkenyon.com/the-transformation-of-self-limiting-thought-forms-and-beliefs. Scroll down to “The Method: Step-by-Step” And follow those directions. Despite the huge volumes of information provided, I think the meditation itself can be exceptionally simple. I have had phenomenal results using this to clear core shame issues. Apparently Hathors have got it goin’ on!

Quantum Entanglement can be used to affect change in any scenario of which you can conceive. Wendy Down (ConsciousnessPlayground.com) has done an incredible job unraveling the complexity of quantum entanglement and reconstructed it in layman’s terms and recorded it in an mp3 format. “Be the Relationship Between” Click HERE here for your copy. Wendy is using it to bring about changes in flesh (reduce scarring, eliminate pain, restore a more youthful appearance, change the shape of a nose, etc.) but this can be used to ease turmoil or restore harmony in a relationship, yield deeper insights into “stuck” emotional or behavioral patterns, enabling them to shift, or to lend support or uplifting energy on someone else’s behalf (like effective prayer). For a few examples to get you thinking regarding Intuition, I first did “The relationship between “me” and “Me” (who I am currently and who I have the potential of Being). The second I did was “The relationship between me and my Guidance”. This one provided surprising insight. The only blocks in this relationship were the ones I was creating. Also these Beings have absolutely no judgement, irritation, annoyance, disgust, condemnation or intolerance regarding anything about me. Those perceived states were all projections on my part as well. WOW!  (I hope you will share some of your experiences!)

Spirit, in Latin, is spiritus which equals breath. Breathe in all of the Wisdom the Universe has to offer. We are Unlimited Beings creating our own realities. Come play in the realms of Conscious Awareness. Tune in. Share your own stories, techniques, tools and tips. Asking questions, especially seemingly simple ones, expands the playing field and can prompt untapped wisdom to be revealed. Don’t be shy. Life is a joyful journey…Get Intuit!

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