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Intuition Matters!

I believe that we are on an evolutionary journey of expanding Consciousness. On this journey our Intuition is our life jacket; our oxygen mask; our life-line; our guideposts; our telephone; our computer; and manna from Heaven, all rolled into one. Aligning with your Intuition is the most productive and rewarding way to manifest your desires. Reveal your mastery. Tap into your full potential by recognizing the powerful tools you possess (and are already using in “autopilot” mode), and harness the true power of consciously engaging them.

We live and breathe in a sea of Guidance. Intuition is accessing and utilizing that Guidance in all of its forms. Teaching people about how to tap into their Intuition is analogous to trying to teach fish about water. We are all engaging with it all of the time, we just may not be consciously aware of it.

To become fluent with our Intuition we must learn its language. There is common ground between people regarding Intuitive information but the symbolism, sensations and manner information is conveyed is specific to each individual. Therefore it is necessary to become fluent regarding ourselves first. . Use the stories I share in this BLOG of my own Journey, as springboards to explore your own forms of Knowingness. Do you see things, hear things, smell things, taste things, sense things or just Know things? Psychic awareness can utilize any or all of our senses.

Your body is a powerful Guide. Pay attention to where you feel things in your body and what they feel like (for example light or heavy, silky or prickly; hard to breathe or expanded; your ability to breathe in with ease or feeling a bit smothered). Make it an adventure to start becoming aware of all of the ways information is coming to you.  Note: Pay particular attention if you notice yourself discounting something, especially if it is subtle. This is “Our Sacred Worthy Opponent”, our Ego, which is there for us to bump up against, (like a chick pecking out of a shell to make sure it is strong enough to survive out side of the egg). Our Ego’s job is to keep the status quo (keep everything the same). Moving beyond this particular hurdle is the first Gateway to Mastery that you will need to pass through.

Illness is Guidance. Louise L Hay wrote a book called “You Can Heal Your Life“. In it is a dictionary of ailments and what belief systems or patterns created them (along with positive affirmations for reprogramming these beliefs). This dictionary has been published separately as “You Can Heal Your Body” which has the addition of specific vertebrae and what their meanings are. It is a great reference tool for exploring what aspects of your life are out of balance, putting the power back into your hands to change this. If you are new to this concept, another great reference of this nature is “Anatomy of the Spirit” by Carolyn Myss. This book will open your mind to a whole new concept of how the world works and will give you a much more expanded sense of Self. This information is all about empowerment.

We are walking, talking satellite dishes. It’s possible that 80% of the thoughts we think, negative emotions and physical pain we experience, aren’t even ours. A powerful key to harnessing the power of your Intuition is discernment. “Is it mine?” is one of the most potent questions you can ask yourself as you expand your awareness of your Intuitive Gifts.


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