Instant Manifestation: The time is NOW!


The days of “instant manifestation” have arrived! Time is speeding up and enough density has been transmuted on the planet to enable our thoughts to become our realities much quicker. It is now more important than ever before to Consciously choose the thoughts we’re thinking. Just to make things more fun, another manifestation factor is at play, “All that no longer serves, falls away”… 

On a hike today, this was clearly revealed to me. My cameras are all in disrepair so I have been using my phone to shoot photos. Having been a professional photographer, this is a heartbreaker for me. Although I can get surprisingly beautiful pictures using my phone, it just does not record them with the quality and volume of data you get with a digital camera. Secondly, the design of my phone is such that the button that triggers photos to shoot, is on the side, exactly where you have to hold it. I am constantly shooting off dozens of photos of the ground, the sky, odd angles of myself, sideways blurs, etc. This maddens me to no end as it is a constant aggravation no matter how mindful I try to be about the way I am holding it. After about round three of this, in uncensored frustration, I was literally doing “the crazy lady” thang, holding the phone in front of my face, swearing at it. I then moved on, trying to enjoy the wildflowers.

Mosquitoes are out now so I stopped to put on repellant. It was in my backpack so I slipped off one shoulder strap and swung the pack around so I could reach it. Once done I swung it back in place, slipped on the shoulder strap and was on my way. Minutes later I checked my pocket for my phone. It was not there. I checked the belly bag. It was not there either. I figured it must have gotten knocked out of my back pocket when I stopped to put on the bug repellant. After passing the 3rd spot that resembled where I did this and not finding my phone there, I began to panic.

What would I do if I could not find it? I don’t have insurance on my phone and I certainly don’t have the funds handy to replace it at this time.  I pondered whether or not I had all of my phone contacts anywhere else. How would I contact people? How would I find contact info to let them know my phone was lost and how to reach me? Suddenly it dawned on me how valuable this aggravating piece of technology was to me. I realized how I was in the space of completely devaluing it just prior to losing it. Gratefully I was Conscious enough to recognize that a lesson was afoot and moments after acknowledging that, I found my phone!

So, if you find yourself aggravated with your mate, your job, kids, vehicle, pet, technology, etc., consider spending a few moments exploring what it would feel like if they were suddenly taken from you. Play in the fields of:  What would you miss about them?  How would it impact your life without them? Stay in this place of pondering until you feel your heart open with how much you value having them in your life and all of the benefits they do provide you. Really activate the feeling of how grateful you are for them. 

This is the frequency to activate when you want to intentionally manifest what you desire. As you move forward in your day from this place, you may just discover that you experience more flow, more ease, and more grace. By adding focus, you tell the Universe what it is that you desire; you are placing your order. The clearer you are the better, but even more importantly, delve into why you want it.

For example, if you want to manifest money, you may want it so you will feel safe, secure and stable. Or it will provide you the freedom to have fun or to go on an adventure. Maybe you desire the ability to invest in building your skills in something or to expand your knowledge. The essence is more important than the form. It may be easier for the Universe to deliver you a free trip, during which you might make the exact right connections for getting a higher paying job, etc.

The more playful you can make the energy around it, the faster you will receive your order. In the meantime keep your vibe high around it, (unless you want to manifest “what no longer serves, falling away”, then pure focused aggravation directed at it is pretty effective!), keep your eye on the prize, and believe with every fiber of your being that it will be so!  Sooner, rather than later, it will be!  Life is meant to be a joyful journey…GET INTUIT!



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