Healing – A Tonglen Meditation Variation


1-162685_1780087539412_7813513_nMy dog Remington has a tendency toward tummy issues. When he experiences this he drools. This morning he showed signs of a sick stomach. I immediately dropped into a cross-legged position in front of him and began doing a variation of the Tonglen Meditation described in my Aug. 8, 2013 post, “Life is a joyful journey…Get Intuit!”: I invited into my heart “The Golden Buddha” (my nickname for the Amitabha Buddha – The Buddha of Infinite Light). I then breathed in Remington’s sick tummy, into my heart where “The Golden Buddha” could transmute it and breathed out comfort, ease, harmony and restored balance. I am able to feel others’ feelings and physical sensations. This is referred to as, “being an empath” (I believe we are all empaths. We just need to acknowledge that possibility and become conscious of it.) As I breathed in his discomfort and breathed out all of the words, sensations and images of a desirable outcome, I began to feel his nausea shift. He ceased drooling and fell into a deep, relaxed sleep.

While I was “working on him” I was hearing a lot of hummingbird activity. I noticed that a hummingbird was being chased away from the hummingbird feeder by a wasp! I had never seen that before so it really got my attention. I began to breathe in the battle between them into my heart (where the Golden Buddha was “making miracles happen” 🙂  )  I then breathed out harmony. As I did this the hummer flew off and the wasp landed on the feeder just beyond my line of sight. I continued the exercise and the hummingbird returned, landed on the feeder, looked at me with a message of gratitude, then took a deep drink. Then another hummer arrived and drank, and then another. The third landed in the same place where I saw the wasp “disappear”. I thought it ended up in the feeder (as they sometimes do). Nothing. No wasp inside or outside of the feeder…Harmony restored! I encourage you to play with this technique or “The Relationship Between” (also referenced in that previous post) to experience shifting conflict, discord, pain, imbalance etc. Life is too short to waste it suffering on any level…Get Intuit!


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