Healing – A Key



I desire to see an improvement in my dog’s agility, mobility and strength. I explored manifesting this potential by applying “The Relationship Between” meditation (described in Aug 8 post). First I tuned into my dog’s current state. Remarkably the energy around it was neutral. When I tuned into my dog in his optimal state I envisioned what this would look like: alert, engaged, strong, fast, dangerous….. The sound of stereo needle dragged across an album (for younger readers, this is a screeching halt kind of noise). “Dangerous”.  This got my attention. My dog is a 100 pound Chesapeake Bay Retriever, which is a strong and aggressive breed. The majority of my energy as his “owner” has been to keep him and others safe by keeping him “contained”.

In that moment I got the image of me “keeping him safe” by energetically containing him with my will. (If it is hard for him to get up, then I can stop him before he can take after another dog or person and do them any harm. If it is hard for him to get up, he will rest quietly while I take care of what I need to do in my life. If he is less engaged with life, he wont tear toenails or hurt himself). Wow. Stark realization settled over me. In that moment I also realized that is what parents do to their children. In their desire to keep them safe, out of their projected fears, they bind their children in all kinds of ways. The bondage in essence, is like a chick contained in a shell. It must peck its way out to be liberated from being contained. I have been saying for years, “It’s our parents’ job, despite the best of their intentions, to screw us up. It is in the overcoming of these wounds and baggage that we Become who we came here to BE. ” I had just received major insight into the mechanism behind this: wounding through energetic “containment”.

I envisioned expanding the energetic bubble I had created around my dog that had compressed him into his infirm state. As he filled up with Light he was able to energetically fill his rightful space. It was a witnessing like seeing a butterfly emerge from a cocoon. Expansion! To See him in his full Glory was quite a sight to behold. I prayed that I would recognize my auto response to contract energetically around him so I could stop engaging in it. I prayed for the Wisdom to allow his full expression of Life Force flowing through him and Know how to “keep him safe” in a more supportive and expansive manner.

My vision for you is that you are able to recognize the ways you contract energetically to “keep things safe” and that you allow for the Liberation of Expansion. I also hold the vision that you recognize that past baggage and emotional wounding is merely an energetic contraction imposed upon you (by others or even by yourself) to provide you the opportunity for growth by expanding beyond it. Liberation lies in recognizing this (name it) and claiming your rightful space (claim it). The energetic boundary will dissolve as you expand into who you came here to BE.

By the way, Immediately after writing down my experience, my dog greeted me and the day, more robustly than I had seen in years!


Much love to you on your Journey! Get Intuit!

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