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I was listening to the AM Ascension Activation meditation that is part of an online program Jarrad Hewett created. I hadn’t been listening to it for a few days so I wanted to take the time to really work with it. As I was trying to write down a to-do list inspired by the recording, the cursor kept jumping around interfering with my progress. It was becoming increasingly annoying, as all I wanted to do was to finish this list so I could get on with the meditation.

I became Consciously aware of my aggravation as the cursor then jumped up two paragraphs and not only highlighted, but also enlarged, “they are messing with me”!  This was contained in a paragraph I had written the night before about energetic attachments and entity hook ups. I have recently been getting Guidance to do daily clearing work, and this was an entertaining reminder to do that! I immediately went into meditation and lovingly escorted these Beings and outmoded thought forms to the Light. In the meditation I noted that my neck was in acute pain phase of a chronic issue I’d been experiencing. I asked that it be infused with more and more Light to flush out the density & trauma holding it in place. All pain abated.

Over the last couple of months I had become notably aware of how most of the highest level healers and inspirational leaders that I was familiar with had experienced chronic debilitating health issues and healing crises as pivotal points on their journeys. What was the Wisdom behind this? It seemed bigger than just “pain as a catalyst for growth and change for physical evolution”. I began to wonder, what if all of my pains and ailments have actually been energetic hook ups by nonphysical Beings, outmoded patterns, and negative thought forms wanting to go to the Light?  Their connection resulted in exacerbating my symptoms, being a catalyst for my own healing and personal growth. The hallmark of this was, raising my vibration, transforming me into a vibrational Bridge for these beings to get to the Other Side. In their desire to evolve Spiritually, they inspired my Spiritual evolution. Maybe these”entities” are actually evolutionary aspects of Self in parallel realities, co-creating “our” Ascension.

Each time we liberate ourselves from negative thought forms we weaken the hold they have over others. By reclaiming our power from these auto pilot programs we had been operating under, we reduce their ability to influence us, individually and as a whole. I believe this is the mechanism behind, “As we heal Ourselves we heal the World”. “Healing” on all levels is claiming our sovereignty by liberating ourselves from the oppression of limiting thought forms, opening to our unlimitedness and moving forward firmly embracing our magnificence. Each time we do this, refusing to dim our Lights any longer, we light the path to experience Heaven on Earth.

(A special thanks to Jarrad Hewitt for the work he is doing to inspire raising our frequencies in massive proportions! Many Blessings Jarrad!)

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