I was Divinely Guided this morning in a powerful meditation, accessing All Of The ME`s Ever Expressed in all dimensions, frequencies, time, space and realities, This was done from my Heart Center. The image was llke looking in a tunnel of mirrors created by taking a handheld mirror and reflecting it in a large wall mirror. Each reflection was an expression of me.

Imagine this at your Heart Center. claiming your Sovereignty, and your Divine Free Will and Authority in this moment. Command all of your Selves in all lives, dimensions, frequencies, time, space, realities, expressions and forms be called to Order, in Alignment with complete and total support of your greatest joy, deepest sense of security, fulfillment, abundance and love, NOW. Command that all that is discordant must calibrate in Divine Alignment with this decree, or be transformed into Pure Essence Energy to be reclaimed in the forms and frequencies YOU, in this moment, assign them. Consciously call in the energies that would best support you in this moment: Clarity, Knowingness, Trust, Awareness of choices needed to be made to bring about the outcomes you intend to experience, feeling loved uplifted and supported by Source, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Guides, Guardians and Highest Frequency Loved Ones who have passed, etc. Order All Of You to recalibrate all of your energies and timelines in Alignment with this profound shift now. Feel this happening within and around you, wherever you have gone, wherever you are and wherever you will ever be. Go about your day and seek evidence of this support in all of its forms, subtle, small, or big and obvious.

Should you desire support in navigating your transformational Journey, please refer to my Services Page for the many offerings I provide. I would be Honored to assist you in claiming the Fullness of You in your shining glory, enabling you to claim and create the life experience of your dreams. (928) 275-4143 IntuitionMatters@juno.com 

Life IS a joyful journey…GET INTUIT!



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