Consciousness – Our Soul’s Beckoning



In these changing times we are all experiencing challenge and turbulence in some form in our lives. Our Souls are calling us forward. That which no longer serves us, or is not in our Highest Good, must fall away. If we cling to things, thoughts or old ways we have outgrown, it will be painful to continue engaging with them. Pain is not punishment, it is information and incentive. Guidance unheeded gets louder. Sometimes pain or the threat of death through illness is the only thing that will motivate us to change. The changes we so vehemently resist are the keys to our liberation and fulfillment. Life is supposed to be about joyful empowerment and mastery. Childhood traumas, wounds, scars and heartache do not need to limit us or govern how we navigate our lives today.

Fear, if we allow it, binds us; immobilizes us; paralyzes us. It keeps us trapped, confused and stuck playing small. I believe we can stop the merry-go-round; hit the reset button; deem “GAME OVER!”.  We have the opportunity to experience life in radically different ways (joyful, profitable, peaceful, fulfilling, fun, interesting, stimulating, rewarding, etc.) merely by changing how we perceive it and engage with it.

Commit today to focus only on what you want. Catch yourself in a negative thought and kindly ask, “Do I want to perpetuate this?” ,”Do I want to create more of this?”, “Do I want to draw this to me?” Then choose to see it in a different light or focus on the flip side (what you want instead of what you don’t want), or think about something else altogether (unplug from the undesired).

CELEBRATE! You just caught yourself in old programming; old habitual patterns of thinking, and Consciously chose to engage in your life differently! Mastery is choosing to do this again, and again, and again. What if THIS is how we change the world? One thought at a time! This simple act is your point of power and empowerment.

Our thoughts create our reality. Unplug from thinking about what you don’t want and revel in the fields of fantasizing about what you do want your life to look like. Ignite the passion to manifest YOUR fullest potential as a thriving human being. You don’t have to be the president or save the world. Merely start with what makes YOUR heart sing in this moment. Make more and more choices to engage in these things. Unleash your creativity. Explore how can you enhance whatever you are doing to bring you even greater joy. Try doing things differently.  Step out of the box of your own making. Engage your inner child. See your life with new eyes, eyes of wonder and “What if?”s.

Take baby steps toward your goals. Do just one thing. Then do another, and another. If even that is overwhelming at the moment, just take a long, deep breath. Then another…and another. Breathing slowly and deeply gives your body the message, “I am safe”.  Breathing deeply opens your connection to Spirit (God, your Guidance, Angels, your Soul, the Cosmos). Breathing deeply also burns more calories!, WooHOO! If you absolutely cannot seem to disengage the monkeymind, maybe you have a brain chemistry imbalance. Being raised in a hostile environment or existing under constant duress results in physiological changes. Simple dietary supplements can turn this around. Go to www.AmenClinics.com. Scroll down to “TAKE DR. AMEN’S FREE BRAIN HEALTH ASSESSMENT NOW” (it is below the ADD test) and click on the box “Take Test”.  The feedback from this test will provide you with a tremendous amount of information about your brain functioning and will also give supplement suggestions. Whatever you do, be loving, gentle and nurturing to yourself as you make different choices in your life. Life is a joyful journey…GET INTUIT!

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