I am choosing to live in joy. To succeed at this, it is necessary to unplug from all thought patterns that re-engage my wounds & fears, focusing only on thoughts of what I desire to experience more of in my life. This is Guidance that was recently mirrored to me:

~Until you are willing to cut through all of the stories/drama/trauma of your wounded child, and choose to love that child back into claiming your wholeness, and seek to see, feel and hear all that is wonderful in the now, you will remain stuck in the same old hamster wheel patterns of your past. The choice is yours. If the thoughts you are thinking do not feel good, choose again. You are putting in motion what you will experience next.~

God/dess Bless us all on our journeys. Do not hesitate to ask for help. We need it and it is available only if we ask.

If you want your life to be a joyful journey, GET INTUIT!!

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