Birthday Bounty Gratitude Celebration



My birthday is August 12. I am a Leo through and through. This year I did a Solar Return Hour of Power Ceremony. This ceremony involves focusing on all of the things you want to be doing, experiencing & feeling in the upcoming year. One of the things I want to be doing is hiking in Nature. Joyfully a friend joined me on my birthday hike. Because of her, I went 6 times farther than I would have (bonus!) and we hiked to the top of the mountain. While shooting selfies of our pinnacle coup I noticed the familiar glitter of sunlight on litter. I always pick up trash on my hikes. I even ask Mother Earth to give me a bag to collect it in and she almost always does! She generously rewards me with heart shaped rock love notes! Life really is filled with enchantment. If you start paying attention, you will see it for yourself.


The trash I spied was beer cans in a degrading plastic grocery bag. There were two crushed empties, one still nestled in a coolie. The coolie had a lion’s head printed on it! There was a third can and which had not been opened! It was 9AM in the mountains so the beer can was even cold! My friend joyfully exclaimed, “Crack it!!” I did so, with pure, Wyld Chyld, Birthday Girl Glee. We shot a video to immortalize the event. Focusing on bounty and feeling gratitude for all of the bounty in your life opens the door for you to receive more. This was pure evidence of this for me. It was one of my favorite birthday gifts to date!                    Life is meant to be a joyful journey…GET INTUIT!!

[wpvideo LawlYLaZ]

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