Ascension ~ What’s it all about?


DSC_9765Since we didn’t die on 12/21/12; and we haven’t Left anyone Behind by Ascending from the Earth plane without them, just what IS Ascension? Wanting to define it accurately I was ecstatic to find  this website: ascensionsymptoms.com. I have to say, they say it all (saving me a lot of brain cells trying to figure out how to explain it)!

Solar Flares are catalysts for our Ascension, and the Earth’s too, for Gaia is also Ascending. (Because of this it is a wise practice to ask to be calibrated vibrationally in alignment with the Earth’s resonance, on a regular basis. For it will make for a much more comfortable ride upon her surface while we navigate these turbulent times.)  Heather Carlini wrote an amazing E-book called “How Solar Flares Help You to Evolve”. She has done an outstanding job explaining how they are affecting us, and why it’s a “good thing”. You can read more about this and purchase the E-book at carliniinstitute.com.

I know when we have had intense solar flares a day or so after the event because I experience “hot flashes”. I am calling them “personal solar flares”. At their onset (a sudden feeling of general malaise), If I state, “I allow this energy to pass through me.” then the flash either doesn’t occur or is much milder and subsides almost instantly. If I don’t choose to enter into this state of “allowing”, I experience a prickly feeling at my hairline, a heat flashover and full body sweats.) I have muscle tested whether these are hormonal or energetic and every time I have gotten, “energetic”.

I learned this “trick” on a road trip to Sedona for a Solstice Festival. I was in bliss, enjoying the desert skies, wanting to watch the moon and stars as I drove. People were climbing down my back,  beaming their headlights into my rearview mirror and eyes, tailgating me for miles with no oncoming traffic (and I am by no means a slow driver). After about the fourth or fifth one I asked for Guidance.  The gentle message was, “Allow the energy to pass through you.” I did, and they promptly passed me. WOW!

Since, I have found countless ways to apply this Wisdom. Resistance is Futile. Creating a state of allowing is key to our well-being as we, our planet and our solar system go through rapid and radical transformations.  We are being bombarded with neutrinos, photons and changing magnetic fields. Our “junk” DNA is being activated. Latent abilities are emerging.  Have you noticed your Intuition being more engaged? I am hearing a broader range of tonal frequencies, resulting in noise sounding more musical. I am perceiving things more expansively, picking up on patterns to which I’ve been oblivious for over a decade. These are exciting times!

What I’ve written so far is just dipping my toe into the pool of this discussion. I will be continuing this topic in bite-sized pieces. Look forward to hearing about how we can actually program this energy to manifest whatever our heart desires! Until then, Invite in the Light!

Life is a joyful journey…Get Intuit!

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