Ascension Activations Are Everywhere!



Ascension activations are everywhere! One thing I have noticed is gravely tonal qualities in the voices of some well known presenters in the Higher Consciousness realms of thought. It is a sound that makes you want to clear your throat. I have noticed this in Lisa Transcendence Brown and Kenji Kumara, amongst others.

Tibetan Monks engage in throat-singing in their chants. This is not just an entertainment feature. This is a vibrational activation of your DNA. Lisa T and Kenji are organically producing this effect as a manifestation of their own Ascension attainment. When I listen to Tibetan Chanting I feel a sense of `anxiety`. I am not being threatened, I am experiencing an energetic quickening. The only one being “threatened” is my Ego, whose sole (soul) purpose is to keep the status quo (The Ego is our Sacred Worthy Opponent in the strategic game of Evolution through transcending the Matrix. ~More on this later.)

I went to Tibet in 1998 and spent 3 weeks on a Power Places Tours Sacred Sites Journey with Gregg Braden . We were granted access to numerous temples, monasteries and nunneries and the former home of the Dalai Llama. Everywhere we went, there were brightly painted images, all drawn using sacred geometry… Although I was not sensitive enough to feel it back then, I Knew these images were encoded with energy and information and that they were somehow activating something within me.

We are all being called to Remember. Assistance and catalysts are everywhere. It is up to you to Consciously open your Heart and your energy field to receive. Each and every one of us is Ascending. Some through struggle, terminal illnesses, drama, accidents, heartbreak, etc.; and others through total accountability, empowerment, going within and outwardly seeking to see evidence of Love, joy, infinite abundance, support and enchantment. The choice is yours. Embrace the bliss of Ascension…get INTUIT!!


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