Ascension – Releasing Our Past



Over the last few years (and more specifically in the last 9 months), a large part of my personal journey has been to release all that no longer serves me. We are all doing this, whether we are aware of it or not. The opportunity to move through this process faster and with more ease and Grace is offered to you. Use the momentum of the energies available by Consciously being aware of the process. Consciously intend to release all that no longer serves you. Then make Conscious choices in alignment with this. For me this has been an intense exploration of beliefs and attitudes and my resulting programmed expectations. This has been a powerful process, bringing to Light much of my auto-pilot programming. Once revealed I can then choose whether these are in alignment with the reality I am Consciously creating today.

I realized this morning that the 15 year anniversary of my mother’s death passed me by without even being a blip on my radar, two days ago. Wow, should I feel bad about this? What does this say about me as a person? Well it certainly says that I have been programmed to believe that it is important to retain painful memories. It also reveals that somehow I was taught that to suffer on behalf of someone else’s suffering equals “love”. Still reflecting upon this I then I remembered a potent message from an amazing intuitive reading I was gifted with by Mona Lisa Snodgrass (http://monalisaspirit.wordpress.com/).

           Know that personal history no longer applies. Personal history is energy that is taking from you  instead of fueling you.Pull it back. Focus forward, always forward, always allowing the desires to be YOURS and only yours.

Clearly I have released an anchor to a memory that only served to breathe life back into a time of tremendous stress, drama and trauma. Revisiting memories triggers the chemical cascade of the actual event, in our brains and bodies.  I don’t need to “honor” my mother by dragging myself back over the broken glass of her dying experience, chemically or emotionally. Instead I honor my mother by choices I make today; by honoring the wisdom and gifts gained through our life experience together; also by honoring  myself and the Sacredness of all lifeforms.

I choose to be the master of my own destiny. I believe we create our own realities. I also believe that even our more traumatic, painful and brutal life experiences are of our own making as well. These are life experiences we chose to have to expand our Consciousness and to Evolve our Souls. Or they may be chosen programs to be activated in order to amplify our Guidance,  to get us back on track with our Higher vision of our intended life experience. Nothing will hone our awareness and motivate us more to make changes than the threat of having something we value, taken from us (including our own lives as in the case of “terminal” illnesses). I believe these traumatic events are intended to trigger our Remembering; to Instigate the claiming our power; to force us to get on our own team; to give us permission to honor ourselves. How bad does it have to get before we claim our own Soul’s worth and move forward from that place?

 I gaze upon my exquisite view to open to how to proceed with this blog. There is such an aesthetic perfection to the Landscape before me. Balance, harmony, color, texture… I realize in this moment this is Consciousness. Every Tree, Sagebrush, Rabbitbush, Rock, Grain of Dirt, Drop of Water flowing in the River or falling from the Sky and species of wildlife, are all emanating Consciousness to me; holding Sacred Space for me to open to it, to perceive it, to allow it in, to be forever changed by it. I “heard” the following message like an instantaneous download of information: “There is Wisdom here. Will you allow yourself to receive it? Will you allow yourself to invite it in?”

At times I have connected to the Trees in this Valley. I once did a series of “Family Portraits”, photos of each Tree on the Island below me. I then I slip back into forgetting that they are Aware Beings. (They don’t judge me for it. They are very patient because they are so grounded!) Recently I set the intention to be opened to connecting with the Spirits of Nature on my land, to Guide me on the best way to restore health to some sick Aspens and to transplant a beloved potted Spruce. Just like I discovered that Birds are sentient Beings and will engage with you if you acknowledge them, these Nature Spirits are enthusiastic in their response. (I was guided to use hydrogen peroxide to treat the sick trees and to break down the clay in the hole I want to transplant my Spruce. So far it is working beautifully!)

While writing this, one of my Hawks soared into view. Yet seconds later with camera in hand,I could not find her. As I scanned the Valley, my Guidance encouraged, “Allow yourself to feel where she is.”  Taking a moment to be in my body and to allow information to come to me, I raised my camera and immediately sighted her. By then she was on a far horizon but overcast Skies and a balmy haze from recent Rains created a mist-ical backdrop. I remembered a time when I was so focused on capturing the Hawk as precisely as I could that I was oblivious to the background.

My photography has evolved with me. I have gone from “image capturer” to “adventurous horizon expander”. How I look at the world has changed over time as well. Changing how I look at the world has affected what I see and how I engage with it. Just like my life, my photography has become much more interesting because of it.

My perception of this Valley changes with the progression of the Sun, influenced by Weather moving through. All are changes in, and shifting combinations of Frequencies. What if I were to invite in the Wisdom of these Frequencies? How would my health, well-being, prosperity, awareness and Consciousness be altered? How would yours?

Take a minute to ponder this possibility in your life. Life is a joyful journey. Get INTUIT!


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