Energetic Space Clearings


It is more important than ever before to engage in energetic hygiene. Whether you know it or not, you are being affected by the energies that surround you. It can be as “simple”as energetic residue from arguments, longterm illnesses, addictions, financial challenge, and all forms of daily stressors. Or it can be as intense and debilitating as a tear in the fabric of your life from deception, betrayal, abuse or a devastating crisis or loss. As if that is not enough to contend with, the veils to other dimensions are thinning resulting in unresolved past and parallel life influences, and believe it or not, astral bleed throughs in the form of entity or ET infringement, portals, ghosts and poltergeists.

Just like you wash your face, brush your teeth, do laundry, open windows and physically clean your home, your energetic environment also requires cleaning and freshening for highest health and well-being.

At the most basic level Space Clearings offer you the opportunity to restore positive energetic flow to your surroundings and to change your perception and energy of a space. Energetically, Space Clearings are potent, Highly Conscious, intentional actions engaged in to reclaim your stability, peace of mind, happiness, harmony, faith, trust, confidence, sovereignty and personal effectiveness.

Real Estate Agents
-New Properties~ cleanses all energies of construction crews, contractors, builders, and developers, harmonizing property to be in the Highest alignment to draw in the perfect buyer.
~Formerly owned Properties~ cleanses all energies of former owners and events that took place in the home. Activates an energetic vacuum to draw in the perfect buyer with speed, ease and Grace.
Housewarming Gifts
Cleanses all energies of former owners. Resets home environment, aligning all energies with the goals and intentions of the new owners
Fresh Starts
~ Marriage ~Divorce ~New Career or Job ~Retirement ~New Family Member ~New Relationship ~Loss of Family Member or Beloved Pet ~Recovery from an extended illness, accident
~Clear out energies that no longer serve ~Bring in clarity and fresh mind ideas ~
~Erasing all energies of traumatic events, violence, relationship turmoil, endings, etc.~

In these times, in which the veils are thinning, it is more important than ever before to engage in energetic hygiene. Whether you are acknowledging it or not, you are being affected by the energies that surround you. Just like you wash your face or brush your teeth, sweep your floors, clean off our counters and do laundry, your energetic environment needs cleaning and freshening as well.

My work is grounded, practical and effective. Not only will I clear each room in your home or property, I will educate you about energetic hygiene and will provide you with tools to do maintenance clearings yourself.

“Fresh Start” Remote Space Clearings:

  • RATE – $100.00 per hour


“Problematic Energies” Remote Space Clearings:

These clearings require a different level of expertise. Cold spots; Creepy Feelings when you walk into a room; Ghost Activity; Poltergeist Activities (objects moved; feelings of being touched, etc.) need to be addressed. Ghosts are souls trapped between the veils. This is out of Divine Order, not quaint company to keep around. Other issues will influence your behavior, drag you down and cause problems mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically & in relationships.. 

  • Rate $150.00 per hour
  • (Extreme cases may require more than 1 hour or more than 1 session)

**For concerns about “Possession”, please see “Kick Out SOB’s (Souls OnBoard)