Kick Out SOBs

Kick Out S.O.B.’s (Souls OnBoard)

(I am starting this post with a disclaimer: The following information is “just information”. Neutrality is the most powerful place to read this from. No matter what we are talking about, Entities are just energies. We are the Sovereign Authority over our realms. Discarnates are people who have passed but did not move-on. People having SOB’s is more the “norm” than the exception these days. It has been happening all of our lives. We are just becoming more aware of these issues. With Awareness we can affect change. Period. No “fear factor” here. )

This article is a result of years of research and its purpose is to educate you about this topic to empower you with options. For those of you who are struggling, no matter what work you have done, know that, “Life really is meant to be a joyful journey”. This is a tool to get you there. So, let’s “Get Intuit”!

If you are suffering from chronic illness, addictions, mood swings, personality changes, and/or if you feel like your life is on spin cycle, you may be harboring “energetic hitchhikers” that I refer to as S.O.B’s, Souls OnBoard. Life is difficult enough to navigate without dragging someone else’s baggage around (literally). Get the help you need and experience joyful liberation.

These hitchhikers can be people who have passed. In the death process people can actually be resistant to, or deceived from, going to “The Light”. These are called discarnates and they can end up “taking up residence” in other people. I call this Souls OnBoard (S.O.B.’s for short).

How was the Souls OnBoard phenomenon discovered?

In the 80’s a psychologist and hypnotherapist, Dr. Edith Fiore, had many clients seeking to end addictive, promiscuous, and out of character behavior. Dr Fiore discovered in hypnotherapy sessions that often radically different, second personalities were present in these clients.  By engaging with one of these personalities she discovered that it was, in fact, a separate person, that he had died and had opportunistically entered her client’s body years prior. This second personalitiy was a Soul OnBoard her client that was causing her client (contrary to the client’s desires) to engage in excessive drinking and promiscuity. Edith created a protocol to convince this discarnate SOB to go to the Light. After doing so, her client made a miraculous recovery. Dr. Fiore discovered that 70% of her clients with addictions had other beings onboard and and that when she sent these Beings to The Light, her clients’ addiction issues resolved 99% of the time! This is absolutely remarkable!

Does this mean I am “possessed”?

This phenomenon is different from the possession scenes in the movie, The Exorcist. The entities involved are people who have passed; discarnates, not demons.  You may know your “hitchhikers”, or they may be complete strangers.

Aside from people who have passed, there are numerous forms of energetic hitchikers that can be contributing to your personal challenges. The veils are thinning and it is easier for other realms to engage with us. Often these things show up in our lives merely as an educational opportunity: to expand our awareness, empower us with information and prompt us to hone our mastery skills and claim our Sovereignty.

How does one end up with SOB’s?

You are vulnerable to picking up SOB’s when you are tired and worn down, sick, emotionally distraught, in fear, mesmerized, unconscious, on drugs, drunk, or in a black-out from alcohol. If your aura is shredded from childhood traumas or ongoing abuse, or from substance abuse/addictions, or if you are in perpetual fight-or-flight and not fully grounded into your body, you will be more susceptible as well. You can “pick them up” in bars, hospitals, jails, funeral homes, death scenes, etc.  SOB’s can even jump from one person to another.  Honestly, you don’t even need to leave your home to pick up an energetic hitchhiker. Energetic portals exist in the land and your home could be located on one. Even televisions can act as a portal depending on the programming you are watching, and telephones can also be a gateway.

What are the signs someone might have SOB’s?

SOB’s will exacerbate any mental or emotional imbalances you may have. They will amplify addictions and sabotage your will power. You may feel drained; have odd aches & pains or sensations in your body; or have chronic illnesses. You may even notice a distinct personality shift at times; have odd cravings; or even thoughts that do not feel like your own. You may suddenly feel off, or something may not feel right in your home. If you have an unexplained aversion to being around someone, it may be because you are sensing SOB’s in that individual. Dogs will bark at people with SOB’s (and other entities). The presence of S.O.B.’s makes it very challenging to resolve emotional issues and make forward motion in your life.

Should I be afraid?

Having SOB’s or energetic hitchhikers is similar to having a virus in your computer. You can function your entire life with SOB’s but you will be struggling the majority of the time. They drain your energy so you become prone to chronic illnesses. Energetic hitchhikers create foggy thinking, keep you off balance, plague your mind with ruminating thoughts that are not your own, interrupt your sleep, generate depression, anxiety or panic attacks, and can wreak havoc in relationships, etc.  As long as they are onboard you will not have full access to clarity, Guidance, vitality, vibrant health or ongoing emotional stability. In the majority of cases these entities are not malicious, they are opportunistic, feeding off your energies or “living” vicariously through you.

As these Beings are often confused, afraid, or may not even know they have passed, these clearings are done lovingly and respectfully. Sending them to The Light truly is a Sacred Service.

Book a clearing session with Maureen Keefe and experience a new sense of stability, clarity, empowerment and peace of mind. Aside from clearing work, you will come away with a whole new level of understanding regarding energetics, energetic hygiene and how to clear yourself and your surroundings. We are powerful Beings in physical form. Our Divine Right Will and Authority precedes the Authority of any other dimensional presences here. Claim your power and begin living the life you have always dreamed!

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