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This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you to invest in exploring fun ways to bring about positive changes in your life that are proven to increase your happiness. The “Private Facebook Group” dynamic is ideal, as it brings together like-minded people with similar goals. Uplifting & supporting each other along the way creates meaningful connections with others and the potential for long lasting friendships. 

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Maureen Keefe is your “Happiness Inspirer”
for this adventure.

She brings an extensive background of applied personal growth, healing, & transformation techniques backed by cutting edge research re: human behavior, human potential, liberation from limiting beliefs & creating successful outcomes. Her work is grounded, expansive and high voltage. Her focus is your success!

Let’s Get Happy Together!

Weekly Format

Mindset Reset Monday

Transformation Tuesday

Wonderment Wednesday

Thriving Thursday

Financial Abundance Friday

Self-Love Saturday

Serenity Sunday


& More…


High Awareness Powerfully Present YOU!

Maureen Keefe

We are not meant to do this Journey alone.