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Unleash your potential!
Discover the person you came here to be!
Ignite your joy and passion!
Activate the creative expression of your Soul!
 Dispel the fears and darkness that keep you bound!
It’s easier than you think!

Transformation Sessions or Readings available by phone, online, in-person & email.
~Intuitive Readings: support for making informed choices and inspired changes
~Full Spectrum Living: sessions to unleash the potency of the wisdom gained throughout your Soul’s existence by integrating your life experiences and releasing baggage
~Ascension Coaching: take your life to the next level!
~Transformational Healing: experience your personal breakthrough!
~Visionary Business Marketing: expand the horizons of your business’s potential!
~Retreats ~Oracle Card Parties ~Goddess Parties ~Ceremonies ~Creative Expression
~Space Clearing ~Sacred Journeys ~Sacred Departures

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Intuition is the Gift of Divine Guidance.
Step into Intuitive Living by embracing the FULL SPECTRUM of YOU! 

Visit the “Services” page to see the many opportunities for you to claim your limitlessness now with Maureen Keefe of Intuition Matters! Your life calls you forward to experience more of what you are longing for in this life. If you are depressed or anxious, it is because your Soul is desperate for you to shed false belief programs and discover & claim who you truly are.
Maureen can help you 
~unlock chains that bind you ~dispel the fears that intimidate you 
~and transform defense mechanisms that keep you playing small.
Isn`t it time to embrace the joyful journey that your life is truly meant to be?
The rest of the world is waiting for The Gift of YOU to be unveiled and shared!

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Life is meant to be a joyful journey…Let’s Get INTUIT!