Worry is a prayer to The Universe, “Make it so! ”


IMG_2452-004Everything is energy and energy follows thought. So worry is, in essence, a prayer to make it so. With the thinning of the veils and time speeding up, our thoughts are actualizing in our physical reality faster than ever before. There is less buffer time for more-desirable-outcome-thoughts to override undesirable ones. These times demand that we become conscious about our words, thoughts and deeds, as we are beginning to experience immediate karma (what you sow you shall reap~NOW).

Make this a joyful journey! If you look in the mirror and see “ravages of time ”, consciously think or say aloud, “ Thank you for restoring my youthful beauty!”.  Make a game of catching yourself if you slip into creating unconsciously and reframe it into your desired outcome instead. Do not beat yourself. We are Spiritual Beings having a Human experience. We chose to incarnate in the hologram of the Earth to provide us with infinite opportunities for mastery. As humans, we are programmed to believe we are limited. Ascension is about embracing our unlimitedness while in human form. Bringing Heaven to Earth, is bringing your Divinity into your Humanity. Recognize and embrace the power of your Conscious choice. The point of power is in the present moment. Seize the day and get INTUIT! _DSC0140-001

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