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Money Cake

WOW! I cannot believe it has been nearly a year since my last post. I guess time flies when you are not having fun too! I will share my 2014 pearls of wisdom in following posts.

Today I want to start 2015 by CELEBRATING SUCCESS!!!!!

I chose to participate in The CounsciousnessPlayground.com “$3,000.00 Experiment” the moment I heard about it. January 1st was to be the launch date but January 4th was upon me and I still had not chosen, nor set up my “transformational space” (one of the steps). I have a lifelong pattern of putting off what is most important to me until last. I decided today was the day to be done with that ridiculousness!

I’ve been a serious clutter girl. So I opted to make a radical shift and create a relatively austere “transformational space”. I had in mind a pedestal I wanted to use. Currently a spider plant was on it. My spider plants are the most forgiving Beings in my life. Despite heartbreaking neglect, they kick out hundreds of babies. Inspired by The $3,000.00 Experiment, I suddenly saw these plants through new eyes. In Native American tradition ‘Spider” is known as Iktomi, the Grandmother of Creation; the Great Creatrix- Weaving the web of life.

My spider plants were glutted with babies and dead leaves. I realized this was evidence of my”untapped potential dying on the vine”. I am an idea girl and I let these amazing jewels go by the wayside as I get caught up dealing with daily busywork. My spider plant visual hit home with a bang. So my $3,000,000.00 Experiment (we get to add or subtract zero’s according to our comfort level), shot me out of the starting gate with HARVEST!! This was exciting to me as I have been working with quantum physics and the law of attraction diligently for the last two years to manifest the flow of money INTO my life. I am excited to say, “The time of Harvest is NOW!”

I harvested 98% of the babies off 2 plants. It made a tremendous mess which when I began cleaning up, inspired me to clean more. Each time I experienced overwhelm I faced it down as a meaningless saboteur of my mind, created to keep me safe by keeping things the same. Well things are not going to be the same anymore! I then discovered more spider plant babies hiding behind one of the pots – undiscovered potential! I got excited about this and harvested them immediately.

As I moved a chair I felt the Feng Shui shift in the space, allowing flow; like dirty water flowing clear. Aaahhhh. It was like taking in a breath of fresh air! Moving into the flow!

I found stashes of empty sunflower seed shells under an unused bed, evidence of rodents – pests, tormenting me by desecrating sacred space – also symbolic of untapped potential (seeds) tormenting my mind, gnawing away at potential and devouring my life force until all that would be left would be empty shells of the possibilities being presented. As I vacuumed this up I affirmed the end of that life experience, clearing all traces of stagnant, avoidant, tormented days gone by.

I long ago discovered vacuuming creates a vacuum in my mind, and my brain uses this opportunity to try to solve all of the problems of the world. When in the “right space”, amazing Guidance comes through. This time I had a major epiphany for a dear friend that would help her make a shift she was desiring. I pushed aside thoughts of her not wanting to hear it and picked up the phone immediately (no more untapped potential here!). She received it like a neon billboard lighting up! It was an exciting, joyful and liberating ten minute call. I saw this as evidence that even a mundane act such as cleaning your house can change the world!!

I worked nonstop late into the night, cleaning and setting up the corner in my bedroom that I was establishing as my transformational space.


I slept deeply and restfully. The next morning I was being graced with a photo op of magpies and crows surrounding an eagle feeding on a trout in a tree.  My phone rang.

It was a local business that called to place an order for $1,080.00 worth of my notecards and coasters!!


Life is a journey…get INTUIT!!

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