Intuition Immersion Retreat

We live and breathe in a Sea of Guidance. The key to thriving depends on our capacity to tune-in to your own Gifts and Abilities.

This is a wonderful opportunity to learn to recognize and develop your own skills with Master Empath and Professional Online Psychic, Maureen Keefe.

Awaken to Nature’s Guidance during Forest Bathing & Discovery Hikes.

Learn the language of your Clairs. Discover your own innate abilities and gain ways to hone these skills.

Animal Communication is available to everyone. Tips and tricks enable you to cultivate connections with wildlife and deeper insights regarding your pets.

Dreams and Symbolism are the language of our Soul. Learn ways of Divining Guidance using dream a dictionary for sleep and wake state experiences.

Mediumship is a Gift we all have. Your loved ones are just a thought away. We can open to continued relationships with them beyond the veils.

Galactic Families are more accessible now than ever before. Learn about your Galactic Heritage and how you can with these Ancestors from the future.

Sacred Art/ Intuitive Creation: Experience creation as a way to connect with Divine Guidance and explore how it can inform the rest of our lives.


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