Key to surviving today’s turbulent times discovered in the movie “The Passion of Christ”.



When I was invited to attend Mel Gibson`s movie,”The Passion of Christ”, I was clueless about what I was getting into. Picture an ultra-sensitive empath with a graphic imagination, finding herself trapped in a situation where she is being bombarded with images and sounds of intense pain, suffering, struggle and abuse, for two hours. Ten minutes into it every fiber of my being was screaming inside, “Exit stage left!” .

To keep myself from writhing out of my seat as I witnessed the portrayal of the horrific torture Christ endured, I had a Divine Inspiration. I began sending Jesus Love. Surprisingly, peace overcame me. The more Love I flowed to him, the more peaceful I became. Better yet, in that moment I also Knew it made a difference in Christ’s experience, back in time, from my heart to his. Years later I discovered research that actually supported this Knowingness.

Today, quantum physics reveals that there is really no ‘time’. Multitudes of timelines are playing out simultaneously at any given moment. We are slowly mastering how to tap into these past, present, parallel and future projections to bring desired elements of them into our currently experienced ‘realities’.

Simply stated, reflect on your life and find evidence of what it is you desire to experience today. Find a time you felt strong, secure, safe, powerful, aware, grounded, confident, successful, prosperous, peaceful, etc.  Draw upon your experience at that time, and envision you then, sending that energy to you, and into your life today. Picture it. Feel it flowing in. If you don’t feel it, claim it anyway. Thank yourself for your loving support and go about your day, looking for evidence of it bringing about desired changes, no matter how small.  This same exercise can be done tapping into your desired future self and asking for these energies to be flowed into your now. All energies of the Universe support us. Truly it is up to us to open our hearts and minds, to ask for it, and then to receive it.

We are all aspects of Source. In essence it is calling upon our Godspark at times we felt and experienced evidence of God’s presence. Tap into this aspect of you, re-infusing you with this energy anytime you think of it.

Enjoy creating a Bless-ed day. Get INTUIT!

With much Love,

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